• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Customs mulls law for own pension fund administration

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Adewale Adeniyi, Comptroller of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has revealed plans to sponsor a bill advocating for a separate entity dedicated to managing the service’s Pension Fund Administration.

The revelation was made during a send-off/reunion event held at the weekend in Abuja to honour senior officers who retired from the Customs Service.

Adeniyi emphasised that the initiative aims to enhance efficiency and focus on managing retirees’ pensions.

The comptroller also reiterated his commitment to conduct a thorough review of retirees’ welfare, initiate a digitized verification exercise, and explore the establishment of a pension board.

“These measures are part of a broader strategy to tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by retired senior officers and bridge the gap between past and present management”, he said.

Drawing inspiration from successful models in other organizations, Adeniyi highlighted the transformative power of tapping into the wealth of experience held by retired professionals.

He stressed the potential benefits for the NCS in various operational areas such as policy formulation, trade facilitation, and procedural enhancements.

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Acknowledging existing gaps in the utilization of retired officers’ expertise, Adeniyi identified the absence of structured programs, limited communication channels, inadequate recognition and motivation, unclear roles and responsibilities, and limited training and transition programs.

He said, however, that the NCS has initiated measures to address these gaps, including a thorough review of provisions in the gazette and transitioning the verification exercise to a digital format.

“Efforts to engage retired Management officers as consultants and enhance the safety of Management officers during travels reflect the NCS’s commitment to holistic welfare and security”, Adeniyi stressed.

Adeniyi also emphasized the critical importance of prioritizing the healthcare needs of retired officers, expressing the NCS’s commitment to ensuring healthcare remains a central focus.

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He expressed confidence that the reunion symbolizes a commitment to unity, collaboration, and progress within the Nigeria Customs Service.

“With continued support and guidance, the NCS will overcome challenges and achieve greater heights,” he assured, noting that the event marks the initiation of a series of reunions and demonstration of a collective dedication to the continued success of that revenue-generating agency.

In response to Adeniyi’s announcement, retired senior officers present at the event expressed their approval by applauding the initiative.

They further pledged their unwavering support and dedication to ensuring the continued success of the Nigeria Customs Service, showcasing a united commitment to the organization’s future endeavours