• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Creative thinkers will survive present economic headwind – Cleric

Creative thinkers will survive present economic headwind – Cleric

Creative thinkers are said to be in a position to think their way out of the present economic situation where prices fly upward every hour.

The cleric who disclosed this in Port Harcourt recently said true Christians who understand the ability of the Holy Spirit in creating and teaching all things would find a way to partner with the Holy Spirit and find solutions to their challenges.

The cleric, Elias Ajah, resident pastor at Higher Ground Bible Church in Eneka branch near Port Harcourt, said God was moving Nigerians away from palliative lifestyle to productive lifestyle for those that understand the move of the Holy Spirit.

Ajah was speaking as guest preacher at the 5th anniversary of Eleutheria Ministries in Elimgbu area of Port Harcourt, not far from Eneka, founded by Kingsley Nwachukwu.

Ajah said: “Time has come when men will have to think and create. Men will have to survive by wisdom, not by money.

“The Holy Ghost is important in this world because Jesus said He was to take over and teach all things. Those who thus work with the Holy Ghost stand a chance to know all things and get solutions.”
He thrilled the congregation when he said the Holy Ghost walked upon the face of the Earth when it had no form and was void.

“By this, the Holy Spirit drew the blueprint of the Earth, and God then opened the covering and began to order things according to the blueprint; let this be, and it was.”
For Nigeria, Ajah said invention is the next stage. He said hardship is not to kill Christians who know their God and know the powers of the Holy Spirit.

“A Christian has solution. There is a well of water beside every true Christian, it is only for you to open your spiritual eye and see it, to see the solution to your problem right by your side. There is a well (solution) but we do not see it. Economic hardship and squeezing will force our eyes open and we can see the well (solution).”
He also said the good deed parents did turn round to help their offspring.

“There is a church built by the father of Chris Oyakhilome in Aba for the Assemblies of God Church. Today, his son has a big church with many branches and buildings around the world.

“Any battle you did not win will wait for your children. If they served idol, you have to conquer the idols and establish Christ and move ahead, else, your children will have to fight the battle. Holy Ghost is not only to make you speak in tongues, He helps you do exploits and break shackles and establish anything you call Him for.”

The pastor made it clear that passing through a process or trials is a plan by God to make His children stronger for the future.

“If you are blessed, ask for the grace to enjoy it. If your labour produces fruit, go ahead and enjoy it.”
On tithe, the pastor said: “Everybody pays tithe, directly or indirectly. If you pay, God rebukes the devourer for your sake, if not, the devourer comes to collect the tithe and even more through adversities.”

He argued that tithe began in the Garden of Eden, saying, “When God permitted Adam and Eve to eat all fruits but leave out one, that was sacrifice of one tenth or ten over 100. The law was, if you eat that one, you die. This means if you eat tithe, you are bound to a form of death.”

Ajah gave teachings on the three dimensions of life or marriage: “When the wine is full; When it is half full; when it is empty. It is what you do at each stage that determines where you end.

“Imagine the kind of men that followed David in the wilderness when he had nothing. That is the stage when you know the hearts of men. But, at last, they became the General of Israel.”

He explained the first statements of the Book of Genesis, “In the beginning…This shows that life always has a beginning and an end; and whatever has a beginning has an end.”

He also said God creates in the beginning, meaning that the early years of Eleutheria Ministries are the time to create and set principles of the church.

“So, the N50m church building this church has set before them can be overcome by calling upon the Holy Spirit, and in doing so, start with a step of faith. Many groups have done so and succeeded. So, let’s start here and now. I did it in Eneka, it can be done here.”

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In the welcome address by the church presented by a teenager, Adaeze Chinonso Ndubueze, the church said the church was a mandate of God given to the founder on August 5, 2018, to save His people from Satan. By that, she said, God commissioned a deliverance ministry right away.

“Since that day, this church has been fully committed to that mandate and mission which is to liberate souls from and win converts

“That is why miracles have been numerous in this church. The church sticks to sound doctrine, miracles, signs and wonders. In this church, there is a hunger for the work of God. The church hall (auditorium) is always over run (filled to the brim) such that it is clear to both members and visitors that only a permanent site can solve the problem and meet God’s mandate.”

The founder took the floor and reaffirmed the determination to carry out the exact command of the Holy Spirit raw. He gave testimonies of attacks targeted at his life and entire family but said the Holy Spirit intervened in them all.
Many members came out and gave outstanding testimonies of what God has so far done for them in Eleutheria Ministries.

The founder’s mentor and godfather, a reverend, Eric Onunji from Imo State, blessed the church anew and stated that God has been the backbone of Eleutheria Ministries undiluted.

Many groups; children, women, youths, rendered drama and songs to spice the ceremony.