Children’s Day: V bank announces massive bonuses on kid’s saving

In commemoration of the Children’s Day celebration, along with the need to put children on the path to financial independence, Vbank, one of the digital banks in Nigeria, managed by VFD Microfinance Bank is continuing with its bespoke Children product tagged: ‘’Vbank Children’s Day Target Savings Challenge (CDTS), beginning from this month to the 30th of April 2023.

V bank noted that the savings plan will run for a 12-month period as customers will get a 20 percent bonus on their first month of savings alongside regular Target Savings interest.

Commenting, Olufemi Olasope, Vbank’s brand strategist, reiterated that everyone want what’s best for the people they care for, especially children.

“The best schools, clothes, and other necessities of life. The hard work pays off when they grow up. What if we told you that you could get paid for that hard work,” Olasope said.

‘’You no longer need to wait for your reward, when you can enjoy a whopping 20% bonus on your savings for your kids from this month to the 30th of April 2023. Yes! We’re bringing back the VBank Children’s Day Target Savings Challenge (CDTS) with a bang.

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’The CDTS is our special way of encouraging existing and prospective customers to save for their kids/wards using the Target Savings feature on the app. This savings plan runs for a 12-month period after which you get a 20% bonus on your first-month savings alongside your regular target Savings interest.

‘’At the end of your savings period, you will be going home with an extra 20% interest on your first month’s contribution. If that isn’t balling, what else is!’’

Consequently, Olasope highlighted some conditions before To get these juicy interest rates which include: Contributions throughout the period must be equal. This means that your first month and subsequent months’ contributions must be the same for you to qualify for the bonus, etc.
He stressed that the 20% bonus is only for the first month, urging prospective customers to start high and end high!