• Friday, June 14, 2024
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Casa Italia Nigeria moves to boost Nigeria, Italy bilateral trade

Casa Italia Nigeria moves to boost Nigeria, Italy bilateral trade

Casa Italia Nigeria, a digital platform facilitating B2B transactions between companies, has entered Nigeria to foster bilateral trade relations between Nigeria and Italy.

The innovative digital marketplace aims to streamline procurement processes, give accessibility to high-quality Italian goods, and bolster economic ties between both countries.

It stands as a digital B2B Marketplace designed to bridge the gap between Nigerian and Italian businesses. Functioning as an online hub, it simplifies the purchasing journey for companies, offering a diverse array of premium Italian products ranging from luxury furniture to exquisite wines and culinary delights.

“Endorsed by the prestigious Nigeria-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, Casa Italia Nigeria carries the mantle of official support from the Chamber. This partnership underscores the commitment to nurturing business growth and fostering synergies among enterprises leveraging the platform,” Silvano Bellinato, president of the Nigeria-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (NICCIMA), said.

Bellinato said Nigerian companies keen on exploring the vast opportunities Casa Italia Nigeria offers can register on the platform through its website.

“Currently, the marketplace hosts an impressive selection of iconic Italian products, including luxury furniture, premium wines, and gourmet delicacies such as olive oil and sauces. “Moreover, the platform assures the gradual inclusion of additional product categories to cater to diverse business needs,” he said.

According to the NICCIMA President, it offers free registration to Nigerian businesses eager to tap into the platform’s benefits.

“Furthermore, the convenience of conducting transactions in Naira eliminates the complexities associated with foreign currency exchange, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience for Nigerian buyers.

“Direct sourcing from Italy empowers businesses to access competitive pricing while sidestepping intermediaries. This direct approach not only enhances cost-efficiency but also enables companies to differentiate their brands, attract discerning clientele, and foster revenue growth through premium offerings,” he said.

Bellinato said Casa Italia Nigeria envisions a holistic approach to trade facilitation, adding that while currently facilitating Italian sellers catering to Nigerian buyers, the marketplace is poised for expansion in its second phase.

“Within a few months, Nigerian companies will have the opportunity to showcase and export their products to Italy and Europe, further bolstering economic exchanges between the two nations.

“Nigerian enterprises are encouraged to seize this opportunity to register on Casa Italia Nigeria, and embark on a journey towards enhanced business prosperity and global reach,” he added.