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Bookchef Ink and ‘multiple intelligence’ approach in talent grooming

Bookchef Ink and ‘multiple intelligence’ approach in talent grooming

Those who regard some students as weak or unintelligent may be destroying hidden talents due to poor teaching and grooming approaches.

Now, a new approach to teaching that helps to develop each kind of child with separate talents has been unveiled in Port Harcourt.

The new approach is called ‘Multiple Intelligences’ which is said to help teachers discover talent of every talent and develop each child.

Now, in a bid to celebrate ‘Multiple Intelligences’, Ijeawele Chimamaka Ogbonna of Bookchef Academy in partnership with Worital Global, a book publishing firm in Lagos, organized the maiden edition of the ‘Bookchef Ink Competition’ for students in Rivers State.

The event brought together seasoned speakers, judges, teachers, school owners, parents and students from different schools.

According to the convener, Ijeawele Chimamaka Ogbonna, the competition is the first of its kind and it is to celebrate multiple intelligence.

Scientists had known that kids have different talent sets but academic handlers seem to focus on only one type of brilliance or talent in assessing kids, thus, throwing away other children with other types of brilliance.

Multiple Intelligence (MI) is said to be a theory that posits that people should learn to support, motivate, and inspire children across different skills and talents.

Ogbonna said; “This event showcases different talents and skills in children, and shows parents, school owners, and guardians that this is the new way of doing things.

“Alot has changed over the years with a very fast-paced 21st Century, so we want them to learn to embrace change and know that with every skill acquired, there is a future.”

Ogbonna said the event had been intensive for over three months in selected schools. “We went to schools in Rivers State, booked appointments and visited consenting schools during their assembly.”

She noted that the competition is student-based and did not follow the usual approach of shortlisting, as all students were given a level-playing ground and were guided on which category to compete in based on their talents.

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According to her: “I was once a child too and never got the chance to really show my talents because I was not the brightest of all, when it comes to competitions. So, every time, I had to stay back and others who were shortlisted went for these competitions.

“This is my story. This is me saying that every child should be given a chance to shine. So, we made the competition open to all children in schools. Each school was given a maximum of 20 students to nominate for the different categories of the competition.”

Winners emerged in different categories of contests. The Junior Category Narrative Letter Writing had Hafiza Tenimu as the winner, while Anyachukwu Chiechatem and Olivia Chinedu Chidera won the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

For the Senior Category Narrative Letter Writing, Izuchukwu Chiemerie emerged winner, while Halliday Noble and Anya-Chukwu Chichetaram won the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

The Oral Literature Review Category (Speaking contest), had Chimamanda I’ve emerge as the winner, followed by Odochi Amaka and Daniel Peter who won the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

The Sportsman Category which had the students compete in chess, monopoly and scrabble games had Kiara Okoro, Faith Ikechukwu and Ezeanyim Chukwuemeka emerge as winners respectively.

Meanwhile, the keynote speaker, Uloma Ikpendu, when speaking on Multiple Intelligences (MI) said it is a theory proposed by Howard Gardner, which suggests that intelligence is not a single fixed entity, but rather a diverse set of abilities.

Ikpendu who is the Head of Learning and Development at International School of Education gave reasons why MI is an important structure for teaching and learning. She further enumerated the 10 steps that can help in promoting MI in the classroom.

Speaking also at the event, Suanu Moni, a business coach encouraged students to utilize their skills to make money.

In the same vein, the Founder of Grace Consultant, Festus Odigie Erewele, warned against ‘Rushed Education’ (skipping some stages in the development of education).

Other seasoned speakers at the event were Siramene Teeh, Olumati Isaiah, Dr Ella Chioma Ezeadilieje, Emeka Nobis and Nkechi Amadi.

The lead judge, Dr Maxi Eze, a Lecturer and British Council Examiner admonished parents and students to teach children to speak naturally and not mechanically or robotly, having observed the way participants at the competition spoke.