• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Bloodshed: Plateau mourns 6 dead, 30 Injured in fresh communal clashes

Two killed, over 70 houses set ablaze in Kogi communal clash

In the aftermath of violent clashes in Mikang Local Government, Plateau State reels as six lives were lost and 30 individuals left wounded on Sunday according to the State’s Commissioner for Information and Communication, Musa Ashoms.

The unrest erupted between the communities of Funyalang and Ponglong, stemming from longstanding land disputes. Ashoms, addressing the press in Jos, urged citizens to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts rather than resorting to arms.

Expressing dismay, he lamented the tragedy of brethren turning against one another, emphasizing the futility of violence in settling disputes that could be resolved through dialogue.

The clashes left a trail of destruction, with approximately 40 homes burnt to the ground and fields ravaged, highlighting the high cost of unresolved tensions.

Ashoms revealed that tensions had spread to eleven villages, portraying a distressing picture of communities embroiled in conflict.

While acknowledging the swift response of security agencies in quelling the violence, the commissioner stressed the government’s commitment to upholding law and order.

Asserting Plateau’s resilience, Ashoms reassured citizens of the government’s unwavering dedication to fostering peace and development in the state under Governor Caleb Muftwang’s leadership.

“We woke up yesterday with this gory story that people who had lived together all their lives decided to take up arms against themselves.

“Unfortunately, we lost six people, and we have about 30 people who are badly injured, while about 40 houses were torched and food bans razed.

“So it’s quite unfortunate that it happened because of a land dispute.

“It is an issue that could have been resolved amicably, according to the chairman of Mikang local government. When I asked him, he said, The land cannot even produce six bags of rice.”.