Bimbo Ige, making wave with Celeb Beauty Clinic

Bimbo Ige, the beautiful young woman behind Celeb Beauty Clinic is no doubt everything a woman of substance stands for.

Better known for her bright personality, Bimbo is steadily walking her way to greatness. Bimbo’s vision known as Celeb Beauty Clinic which was conceptualised and launched in Canary Wharf London in 2014 has grown in leaps and bounds beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, UK.

To say that she has built for herself a strong lifestyle luxury clinic that specialises in advanced laser and anaesthetics is simply stating the obvious. Bimbo’s Celeb Beauty Clinic has quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the most sought-after in the specialised industry.

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Celeb Beauty Clinic officially commenced operations in Lagos, Nigeria five years ago and has since blossomed in terms of expansion with about four branches in major cities like Abuja, Ibadan, and Lagos with an addition of a luxury ultra-modern Spa. The clinic’s major selling point is the massive investment in modern equipment that enhances the clinic’s range of services which include teeth whitening, glutathione infusions, non-invasive liposuction, million-dollar medical facials, laser permanent hair removal and many more.

Bimbo is a professional of note; she is a board-certified aesthetician trained in the United Kingdom, Germany and Nigeria. She has behind her valuable experience as a project manager at GSK. Bimbo’s Celeb Beauty Clinic boasts some of the most advanced laser machines in the world.

Known for her philanthropic heart, the Celeb Beauty Clinic boss has done a lot in the area of service to humanity. She is a philanthropist in her own right and the brain behind Bimbo Ige Foundation, a platform she uses to reach displaced and abused Nigerian youths.

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