• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Beware of political players that stir up racial tensions, division – Isiguzo


Chris Isiguzo, National President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists has advised political players in Kogi State not to incite racial animosities that could split the diverse state during the next governorship election in November.

He gave this counsel at the grand finale of the Kogi Council’s 2023 Press Week in Lokoja.

In order to prevent the politics from becoming too heated, he asked journalists to exercise caution when covering these political actors, saying that astute journalists would be able to distinguish between these politicians and real ones.

The NUJ president asserts that the majority of persons in this group are pretenders rather than candidates in the state’s upcoming November 11 governorship election.

He stated that the upcoming Kogi Governorship Election will elect a leader who would rule the entire state, not just a portion of it, and that this was why advancing sectional interests would not benefit the state.

Insisting that the Kogi election was about the people and not a certain group, he warned journalists to remain impartial and professional in their coverage of the governorship poll.

The Comrade praised the unwavering commitment and professionalism that characterise the State’s journalism industry and commended the Kogi State Council for planning an outstanding Press Week.

He described the publication of the book, “Media Development in Kogi State, 1999-2023,” as a remarkable literary endeavour that captures the evolution of media in the state over a period of 24 years. He praised the Kogi NUJ for its dedication to fostering excellence, encouraging growth, and upholding the highest standards of journalism.

The book, according to Isiguzo, represents how media has changed from using static platforms to a dynamic, connected digital environment.

He defined the book as the wisdom, perceptions, and experiences of many generations of journalists who have persistently sought the truth, questioned accepted wisdom, and worked to create a society that is more open and accountable.

Adeiza Momoh Jimoh, Chairman of the Kogi State Council, was praised by the NUJ President for his leadership, stating that he had shown extraordinary devotion and visionary leadership in repositioning the council by igniting a new age of progress and unity.

Isiguzo then urged the State’s media to return to the high ideals of journalism by embracing the spirit of inquiry, search of the truth, and unrelenting pursuit of transparency and accountability.