Alausa erupts in violence as hired hoodlums attack protesters

Nigerians protesting against police brutality are currently running for their lives as hoodlums popularly called ‘Agberos’ have started attacking them in Alausa, Lagos.

In different videos posted online and verified by eyewitnesses, hundreds of these touts were conveyed in about 20 Lagos BRT buses to the venue of the protest in Alausa where the office of the Lagos State governor is located. As soon as they alighted from the blue BRT bus they ran after visible protesters hitting them at the back.

Protesters took to social media to call for ambulances and first aid kits to be deployed to the locations as people were getting injured from the attacks. BusinessDay could not verify the number of people that were attached by the hoodlums as of press time.

“Lagos State Government should be held accountable for any attack on protesters in Alausa, He can’t be claiming to be identifying with protesters yet allow sponsored thugs to attack them under his watch,” Kent Chidera, a social media user.