• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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8 easiest countries for Nigerian students and others, to get PR after studies

8 easiest countries for Nigerian students and others, to get PR after studies

Some countries provide a smooth transition to permanent residency (PR) for international students after completing their studies, offering a blend of quality education, favorable immigration policies, and promising career prospects.

These nations are ideal destinations for Nigerian students and others seeking post-study stability abroad.

Here are 8 easiest countries for Nigerian students and others, to get PR after studies


Canada offers welcoming immigration policies including the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) for international students to work post-graduation. This can lead to permanent residency, with pathways like the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) for those who have gained work experience in Canada.


Australia is a top choice for international students with its quality education and diverse culture. The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) allows graduates to work for up to 4 years, offering a pathway to permanent residency. Australia’s point-based immigration system rewards international graduates for factors like work experience, education, and age, enabling them to apply for PR through skilled immigration visas.


Germany, known for its strong economy and top-tier universities, attracts global students. Nigerian graduates can obtain a Job Seeker Visa, allowing an 18-month job search, then switch to a work visa and apply for PR. It’s the fifth most popular academic destination globally. Despite German not being English-speaking, some universities offer English courses.


Singapore provides an ideal setting for education and career advancement. The Graduate Employment Pass (GEP) permits graduates to work for up to 1 year, with the option to apply for PR thereafter. Utilizing a points system, Singapore encourages immigration. Nigerian students with qualifications in demand can apply for a work visa, accruing points towards PR eligibility.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers a Post-Study Work Visa enabling international students to work for 3 years post-graduation, potentially leading to PR based on specific criteria. The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa, akin to Australia’s system, operates on a points-based system. Nigerian students with qualifications sought by New Zealand have advantageous prospects under this program.


Sweden provides a welcoming atmosphere and top-tier education. Upon graduation, students can apply for a work permit, a pathway to permanent residency (PR). Securing a job post-graduation enables application for a residence permit for work reasons. After four years of living and working in Sweden, individuals are eligible to apply for PR.


Denmark boasts low tuition fees and a high retention rate, making it appealing to international students seeking permanent residency (PR). The country offers a residence permit for work reasons, with eligibility for PR after residing and working in Denmark for a set period, subject to varying requirements based on individual circumstances.


Norway offers outstanding education and employment prospects. Graduates can apply for a post-study work permit, while skilled professionals in demand can pursue a work visa with a pathway to permanent residency (PR).