• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Artificial Intelligence disrupts Nigerian comic, animation industry


The presence of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria’s Comic and animation industry has put many jobs at stake.
Experts in the industry raise this concern at the ongoing 11th edition of the Comic Convention (ComicCon) in Lagos on Saturday 11, September 2023

Richard Oboh, creative director and CEO of Orange VFX studios said artificial intelligence remains a double-edged sword capable of making and also destroying the industry as it has put jobs at stake and created a lot of controversy.

“Traditionally, we usually have people who write stories, scripts, arts, fiction for characters and also in terms of modelling and other things. Currently, it’s possible to use AI(Artificial intelligence) to write an entire script, write stories and design characters. It can even mimic people’s house styles and is creating much controversy.

People who have it as their primary source of income now compete with AI, which is well-trained. It’s a threat, putting their jobs at stake while some have already lost their jobs. Artificial intelligence has disrupted the industry because measures need to be put in place to enable them to earn a living,” Oboh said.

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Oboh explained that while AI remains a way to make the craft more manageable and save time, there is also a much need to emphasize the human touch in the industry.

Ebuka Martin, a Comic concept artist, said the comic industry in Nigeria is not getting the deserved traction since the introduction of AI.

“Artificial intelligence has disrupted the whole system since it was introduced, but brands that know what they are doing are also thriving and creating impact for people. Africa is making waves in comics and animation, but Nigeria is not there yet. If the government should come into the industry, it will further push out the whole comic ideas,” Martin said.

The  Lagos Comic Convention is an annual event where creatives in the industry, including comic books, animation, games, book readers, avid music listeners, movie lovers, art lovers, and fans, connect with their audiences, network, learn, and sell their products.