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70% Kwarans to get COVID-19 vaccine

70% Kwarans to get COVID-19 vaccine

Hanifa Hamza, a pharmacist and Kwara State Coordinator, National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), has disclosed that seventy percent of Kwara population will be vaccinated to further prevent COVID-19 infection.

Hamza, dropped the hint at a stakeholders’ training held in Ilorin the Kwara State capital to upscale awareness campaign on why more Nigerians have to get the vaccine as the virus is still in existence.

She discussed on the topic, ‘Preventive Measures: Overview of COVID-19 vaccination in Nigeria’.

The pharmacist, who revealed she survived Covid-19 infection stressed need for Nigerians to adequately protect themselves by getting tested and vaccinated.

She says the vaccine is available in all medical centres and not harmful, advising participants to spread the news and not the virus.

“The virus is real and still around but because we are not tested we can’t say we don’t have it or it has gone. We need to know our status and as well protect ourselves. There is enough vaccine for Nigerians.

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“As at August 4th, 2022, we recorded 412 new cases. That’s for those who went for test. Also, a total of 27, 703,573 clients are vaccinated while 11,787,297 clients partially vaccinated in Nigeria. This figure is poor considering the total population of Nigerians. We have to take serious.

“I have the mandate to vaccinate 70 percent of population in Kwara State between August and October 31st, to ensure adequate protection and stronger immunity.

“COVID-19 transmission is crazy. Please don’t relax, it has come to stay like carttah or malaria thus, take precautions, don’t joke with your hands sanitizer, vitamin C and eat balanced diet regularly, use your nose and booster dose.”

The Senior Emergency Response Officer, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Abuja, and second facilitator,

Akinrongbe Jessica Toyin, informed that, Nigerians, especially men below age 60 have to take precautionary measures and prepare to attack the viral infection.

Toyin, who spoke on ‘Overview of COVID-19 Epidemiology’ noted that COVID-19 is airborne disease and it is difficult to control.

According to her, men are highly prone to contact the virus than women, adding that other people who have one ailment such as diabetes, pnuemonia and the rest are also vulnerable.

She posits that person have to take test routinely and not until when they get sick before going for test.

She affirmed that COVID-19 is very much around but not as severe as before, urging people to protect themselves against virus and prepare to maintain good health.

“Males are more carrier and highly infected with the virus than women. Men below age 6o are prone to contact it and women between ages of 39 to 50 are vulnerable.

“Also people who are over the age of 50 years and have known chronic health issues, co-morbidities and other conditions; that place them at a higher risk of developing severe complication if infected with COVID-19.

“We have 261,885 confirmed cases of which we recorded 3,147 deaths. While 256, 481 clients discharged,” she explained.

Toyin, therefore, enjoined Nigerians to be proactive and not to be scared of testing and vaccination.