• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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2024: Clerics optimistic of national rebirth, urge Nigerians to unite for growth

2024: Clerics optimistic of national rebirth, urge Nigerians to unite for growth

Nigerian clerics are optimistic that the year 2024 will present great opportunities for national rebirth, and have urged Nigerians to form a united alliance to bring about a holistic development across Nigeria.

“We should, however, know that challenges are the food of champions. Rather than pretending that the challenges are not there, we should look them straight in the eyes and tackle them one by one with the help and the wisdom of God,” Wale Oke, president, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), said in a statement.

According to him, Nigerians should be resolute in making 2024 great. He said further that Nigerians should pray and seek the help of God to receive clear direction on how to handle their challenges. “We should thereafter go to work, decisively, diligently, and conclusively resolving whatever challenges we face, individually or corporately.

“It is with pleasure that we welcome you to a year of great possibilities, a year of great opportunities, a year of great prosperity, a year when the Lord shall make all things new in our lives individually, and as a nation,” he said.

Samuel Uche, Prelate Emeritus, Methodist Church of Nigeria (MCN), expressed optimism of a better year for Nigerians, and that God is ready to assist Nigerians to do better in the New Year. “I believe that some of the policies of the government to revamp our economy will pull through in the New Year. For instance, when the refinery starts operations, it will greatly improve our economy”.

He stated further that those in positions of authority should be God-fearing, and show love for one another by eschewing bitterness, hatred, and malice. “I believe those at the helm of affairs, be it in the judiciary, executive, and legislatures; will turn a new leaf and serve Nigeria honestly, faithfully, diligently, and maintain the rule of law and love for all,” Uche stated.

According to him, Nigeria will attain a lofty height that will be the envy of Africans and other nations of the world. He stated further that everything that is needed to make Nigeria great has been graciously given by God. “If you look well, our country is blessed abundantly in many ways. When we see the various disasters plaguing some nations, we will realise that God is good to us as a country”.

Charles Ighele, chairman, Financial Accountability Commission of the PFN, on his expectation in 2024, said the only way forward for the country is to provide access to mass quality education that will give birth to quality and globally competitive labour force.

“With mass illiteracy at all levels and mass semi-literacy at all levels giving birth to mass unemployment and mass poverty and mass crime; I expect the government at the local, state, and federal levels to address the root causes of Nigeria’s decaying human capital,” Ighele stated.

The cleric, who is also the general overseer and presiding bishop, Holy Spirit Mission, stated further that Nigeria should provide mass access to capital and land, which are critical factors in wealth creation. According to him, the resultant effect would be massive entrepreneurial class citizens that will eventually provide jobs for the masses.

“Without this, Nigeria will continue to be like a giant factory that keeps producing human beings; many of whom are likely to become criminals in a social system and culture that does not protect its citizens, especially the weak ones,” Ighele stated.

Israel Akinadewo, president, Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), stated that Nigerians should re-strategise towards forming a united alliance to rescue the country from the current socio-economic and socio-political challenges.

According to him, Nigeria possesses great potential and resilience, yet there are pivotal shifts required to invoke God’s blessings and secure breakthroughs in the year ahead. “Our political leaders should embark on a path of sustainable development; focusing on education, healthcare, infrastructure, economic empowerment, and other activities that promote peace to ensure a brighter future for all”.

Akinadewo, who is also the Prelate, Motailatu Church Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide (MCCSW) noted that embracing Nigeria’s diversity will foster a spirit of togetherness that would fortify the nation’s fabric, which will also allow Nigerians battle the country’s challenges with collective strength.

“May this New Year mark the beginning of a transformative journey, where our collective efforts, guided by faith and unity, propel our dear nation toward the fulfillment of God’s blessings and abundant breakthroughs. With faith and determination, we can surmount any obstacle and realize a flourishing future for our beloved nation,” he stated.