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2022: Ehingbeti summit to focus on sustainable socioeconomic growth

Professional organisations rally support for Ehingbeti Summit

Plans are on top gear for the commencement of 2022 Ehingbeti, the Lagos economic summit, as economic and finance experts from public and private sectors of the nation’s economy will converge to deliberate on the paths to sustainable socioeconomic growth of Lagos State.

Samuel Egube, commissioner for economic planning and budget, said all arrangements have been made to ensure the summit takes place as scheduled between I6th and 17th of August, 2022.

At the summit, experts will discuss the dream future of Lagos, and a development plan, to this effect, would be launched at the summit.

With the Theme of the conference centered on: ‘Lagos 2022- 2052: Charting the Paths to Sustainable Socioeconomic Growth,’ he said: “the future is a hope we all have. Lagos State government has never believed it can do it alone but has excelled with the cooperation and understanding of relevant stakeholders in which the private sector has a major role to play. Lagos will continue to do well. Lagos cannot fail because there is so much around the way Lagos is governed.”

He said Lagos is central to the survival of the country and being the economic nerve centre of the country, it will continue to attract people from other states of the federation, who want to eke a living in a state (Lagos) that has one of the least land mass.

To cope with the influx of people, he said, requires lots of planning, not just for the moment, but for the future.

Stating that some of the current developmental initiatives in Lagos were products of the resolutions taken from the previous Ehingbeti summit, he added that the conference is not just about talk shows, but to walk the talk.

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According to him, “Lagos’ future is germane to this administration and we have invested our time and energy to ensure that Lagos lives up to its potentials and projections. Lagos needs to take ownership of its future. We are going to assemble a lot of people from the public and private sectors to assess what has been done so far and what is left undone.

“People have investments in Lagos because they believe in the future of Lagos. We might quarrel about today, but we are united about what our future should be and that is what we are going to be celebrating in the next Ehingbeti.”

The Lagos State government, he said, has implemented 193 out of 206 resolutions from Ehingbeti since its inception, adding that, over the last 20 years, recommendations from Ehingbeti have helped the Lagos State government to focus on areas that concern the citizens, investors, and businesses with positive results achieved.

Since the inaugural summit in 2000, Ehingbeti has gained useful insights from innumerable business and political leaders, renowned economists, notable development experts and outstanding scholars, who have participated from different parts of the world.

Ehingbeti is the first institutionalised economic forum by any state in Nigeria and is an ingenuous socio-economic apparatus that has contributed significantly to the evolution of Lagos State into a major economy in sub-Saharan, with expanding potentials.

The summit, hosted by successive governments in Lagos State since the beginning of the fourth republic, has consistently redefined the dynamics of public-private sector collaborations for development across social and economic indices in Lagos State.