• Friday, September 22, 2023
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10:29 AM| Anxiety over lateness of electoral official in Magboro, Ogun State


Several people turned out in large numbers in the early hours of the day to cast their ballots for their preferred Presidential candidate at Community Grammar School, Magboro, a polling unit under the Obafemi Awolowo local government, Ogun state, a day that determines the fate of Nigerians.

The road leading to polling units was desolate, as the only means of transport was trekking.

Walking down the road, a woman in her late forties was walking down the street when she beckoned to her friend on the other side of the road and said she couldn’t go vote since her voting place was far from her house and she had no means to get there.

” They want people to go out to vote in numbers but no means for people to get there,” she said.

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Other polling units in Magboro are also yet to start the election process.

One of the voters, who wants to hide her identity at one of the polling unit spoke about security.

“God and the 24 elders are our security ooo
Cos I no see any uniformed person here ooo, even the electoral officials are yet to come” she said.

Walking into the street of another polling unit in Magboro , cars are parked down to the polling unit, and troops of people are waiting for the electoral committee to arrive at the scene at 9:00am.

There is a variation of both old and young people but the older generation came out more in their numbers, with the younger generation calling each and passing information if their electoral committee had arrived or not.

Another voter called Victor who called his sister in Zamfara, northern part of Nigeria told him that they are almost done with the electoral process but are waiting till the end of the all process to ensure that their vote counts.

” This is pure sabotage, why are the electoral officials not here around and they want to end the election by 2pm, ” Femi, a voter said.