• Friday, September 29, 2023
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10 quotes from Rabiu Kwankwaso’s speech at Chatham House

10 quotes from Rabiu Kwankwaso’s speech at Chatham House

Rabiu Kwankwaso, the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party spoke Wednesday at Chatham House in London, the famous independent policy institute trusted for debate and dialogue.

Kwankwaso spoke on service delivery and alternatives.

Here are 10 quotes from his speech

“For we are where we are in Nigeria because of the mistakes and the wrong choices made by the very people entrusted with the business of governing Nigeria in the last 24 years”

“I am aspiring to become the next president of Nigeria because I understand the issues involved in the mistakes that were made, the wrong priorities that were set and together with our team we are better connected with the hopes and aspiration”

“We have a practical plan to address each and every challenge bedeviling our country”

“In all our policies and plans, we are guided – among numerous things – by one important consideration, the future, not only next four or eight years we look further, we think deeper”

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“The leaders that our country needs are not those that will come and do business as usual, we don’t need perfunctory leaders anymore, we need thoughtful, selfless, competent, credible, transparent, visionary and accountable leaders”

“The main goals of our economic policy are macroeconomic stability, that is keeping inflation and economic output close to potential…”

“Deliberate steps will be taken from our first day in office to end youth unemployment in our country”

“Expand[ing] access and the mopping up of over 20 million out of school children and get them enrolled in school in the next four years… we shall ensure all our schools provide the best quality education…we will provide one meal per day per child in all basic schools”

“Target of our security strategy is to ensure Nigerians enjoy the freedom to live in dignity, freedom from fear and freedom from want… we will ensure justice and fairness to all, and the respect of the rule of law by all, irrespective of tribe, religion or social status”

“ My dear compatriot in the diaspora , we are proud of your achievement as global ambassadors of our country… Let me assure you when I become president of Nigeria. We shall create an irresistible condition and make our country so attractive hence a destination for businesses and career aspiration that majority of you will be attracted to”