• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Don Adinububa at BD Power Conference



  • What is your assessment of the power privatisation so far?

Oh, impressive. Maybe the biggest privatisation exercise in global history. Six generation stations, 11 distribution companies sold, the only transmission company now commercialised. That is very impressive since November 1st but not 100%. As you know very well, there are issues with the privatisation of Enugu Discos. We are in court and so I am not allowed to comment so much. But what is clear to everyone is that the Enugu privatisation could have been done differently. That is our connotation and that is what common sense dictates.

  • So what is the next big thing that we should expect from Geometric?

The next big thing is to be allowed to go commercial by supplying power to industries, to commercial firms and individuals in the great city of Aba. We have made an investment of $5 million dollars that is an investment anywhere in the world. We are ready but by not allowing us t go commercial yet, we lose an average of $3 million dollars every month, that’s huge and if we do not get it right other investors would not be encouraged to continue so we are actually the pathfinder, everyone is looking up to us. It’s either geometric gets it right or nobody will…