• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC – HY results


Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC, a conglomerate consisting of subsidiaries in various sectors of the Nigerian economy commenced operations on the 2nd October 1995

Net premium income for the group (N5.87 billion) and company (N4.34 billion) dropped comparatively in June ’15 down to N5.48 billion (group) and N3.01 billion (company) in June ’16.

Fees and commission income for the group similarly dropped from N84.4 million down to N78.08 million while the company shifted from N76.49 million to N49.2 million.

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With regards benefits and claims, the net position for the slid to N1.45 billion down from N1.61 billion. The company followed with a similar shift to N611.04 million down from N1.17 billion.

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