• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Channel IT invests in changing lifestyle of Nigerians, creating jobs


Channel IT Group, the parent company of Nairtime Nigeria Limited and Telecom Channel West Africa Ltd (TCWA), has launched two products from its subsidiaries which, it said, are aimed at changing the lifestyle of the average Nigerian and generating employment.

Unveiling the products on Thursday in Lagos at a press conference, Haidar Said, managing director of the group, noted that the mobile transaction processor under the subsidiary, Nairtime, and mobile TV service, imoovtv, under the subsidiary, TCWA, are meant to add value to the lives of Nigerians.

According to him, Nairtime, which was launched January 1, 2013, is an electronic airtime recharge system, which allows companies, agents, distributors and vendors refill their staff and customers’ phones with any payment denomination on any of the major GSM operators: Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and MTN. He said the electronic voucher distribution (EVD) platform, allows companies additional revenue opportunity, makes them organise airtime expenditure, emphasising that companies and customers will get a discount on any amount using the system.

He said, “Any existing airtime sellers, any individual looking to start a lucrative business, any corporate client that buys airtime for staff, cell phone shops, supermarket, religious organisations or unions looking at generating extra income” can become Nairtime agents.

Said, who noted that the Nairtime system is safe, hassle free, secure, and cashless, opined, “We currently offer a web portal for large corporate clients who require the use of computer and internet and we provide free web portal design and access. We also offer a free PoS terminal to small and medium resellers or corporate clients, which is GPRS based for on field operations free of charge with no hidden charges”.

Continuing, he said, “In addition, a free java based phone and application for individual or small group refills is also given out”. Phone and application are given free of charge, no hidden charges, he emphasised.

The Nairtime managing director said the system will help companies organise their spending, instantly attend to emergency needs, and make money from the process, noting that the service is also beneficial to agents and vendors, “since a single wallet manages all services thereby reducing working capital and enhancing cash flow”. This, he said, makes businesses more organised and profitable.

Said, who wants enquirers to visit www.nairtime.com or contact them on [email protected] or [email protected] or call 019035771, said to ensure market penetration and coverage, agents will be equipped with free transaction terminals such as mobile phones, mobile PoS terminals, desktop terminals and netbooks. He said distributors can set up agents-networks and the deposits of both parties will only be consumed by services that sell. This, he said, will offer new business/job opportunities, more revenues and less risk to the channel.

When asked how the system can handle large traffic of recharge, especially during peak period, he said they have deployed secure and scalable server and storage systems that have sufficient redundancy to handle peak traffic volumes, noting that the firm’s support helpdesk works twenty-four hours throughout the week.

Speaking on imoovtv, Said noted that it allows subscribers to watch local and international TV contents live on their 3G enabled smartphone and tablet devices, for example Blackberry, iPhones, iPads, Galaxy tabs, etc. He said subscribers can stream up to 20 channels getting news, sports, entertainment and so on.

According to him, imoovtv service, which is presently available to all MTN customers, gives “customers a varying selection of packages they can choose from as well as selecting their own channel bouquets to suit their individual lifestyle on-the-go”. To subscribe, he said, one will text “Mobile TV” to 5600 or go to http://mobiletv.mtnonline.com, saying it gives one the opportunity to select from a range of different packages starting from N350.

The managing director, who said the service was commercially launched with MTN Nigeria December 2012, noted that the “primary objective of imoovtv is to ensure information and entertainment anytime, anywhere on their mobile device for a minimal fee”.