• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Ambion Wireless deepens internet penetration to boost business in Nigeria


As part of its drive to ensure affordable and efficient internet solution that will boost business in Nigeria, Ambion Wireless Limited, an indigenous internet service provider has launched a new internet solution platform in the country.

Ambion Wireless a Super Wi-Fi technology that will leverage on the technology of Google and Microsoft to run has commenced operation with Ikeja, the Lagos State capital as it start-up point.

Tolulope Buraimoh, managing director, Ambion Wireless Limited, while speaking at the launch recently said the peculiarity of the Nigerian market had been understudied by the company hence the adoption of a technology that was cost effective and easy to use.

According to him, “An advantage with the super Wi-Fi technology is that no matter the interference in terms of location, you are still connected because our system has already taken care of such problems which other internet service providers face in terms of connection.”

Buraimoh said the firm is working towards using lesser equipment to achieve seamless internet connection in the country starting from Lagos.

He said the ecommerce market in Nigeria was growing exponentially and the firm remained committed to service the fast growing market, adding that its connection were not limited to laptops, iPads and mobile phones but are targeted at individuals and businesses.

On his part, Olumide Oladimeji, executive director of the company said this new technology is the latest in America, adding that the decision to tap into Altai telecommunication and other partners was a welcome development.

According to him, “This is a revolution for Nigeria, a revolution to cater for every sector of the economy. We have a plan on how we want to make sure that everybody is onto the Ambiom Wireless network.”

In his words, “the firm had Main One, Phase 3 Tlecoms and Altai as technical partners and is building a robust customer service framework to handle its customer base.

With a well advanced technology running on its network, Oladimeji said systems has been configured to handle huge traffic.