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Unity, ethical standards to grow underwater diving profession – Ugwala

To move the diving sector forward, there is need for underwater divers to put self-interest aside by putting an end to fractionalisation of the National Association of Professional Divers (NAPROD), and come together to promote safety of divers, Julius Ugwala, the Chief Inspector of Diving, has said.

Speaking with newsmen at the weekend, Ugwala called for actions that would emancipate divers, giving them their due as they support the work of the Diving Governing Board.

He urged NAPROD members to insist on professionalism in order to ensure that Nigerian divers would not become a laughing stock before their employers especially the International Oil Companies (IOCs), and international diving community.

Worried about the standards of the diving profession, the Chief Inspector of Diving pointed out the need to train divers in order to equip them with the requisite knowledge especially as it pertains to the diving regulations and behavioural ethics.

On the issues with NAPROD members, Ugwala said is not dignifying to destroy the Association, which has existed for over 30 years, even as he decried the situation where people rather than contribute to the professional advancement of divers, become bearers of false information with intent to malign those consciously working for the advancement of NAPROD.

He however noted that if the issues are not addressed, crimes such as forgery of diving ticket and medical fitness certificates will continue to undermine Nigerian divers and bring members of the profession in Nigeria to disrepute.

“Any diver, who would not rise above sentiments to pursue ethical demands of the job, should not occupy a position of trust especially at this time of sectional agitations. If we all come together, it will take us a very short time to chase out the bad eggs from NAPROD and restore peace and harmony in the association,” he said.

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