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What is better than flowers and chocolates for valentine? we say try “Val Insure”

February 14, which is celebrated all over the world as St. Valentine’s day is only four days away! It is a symbolic day when the world comes together to celebrate love, friendship, family and commitment.

Valentine’s day offers friends and families the opportunity to express appreciation to the people they love or adore. Some take their loved ones for fancy dinners at top-notch restaurants, new and exciting staycations, while others give romantic cards, jewellery, chocolates and flowers to their admirers and partners on this day.

Over the years, Valentine has evolved with creative and colourful ways of celebrating love. While some are now cliché, there are still some effective ways to make that day special, giving loved ones the symbolic gift or gesture to show they are worth celebrating.

As the day of love beckons, it is typical to rummage through supermarkets, malls and even virtual retailers for that perfect gift to express our ‘unswerving affection’.

Whether you are looking for a romantic package that will make that special person swoon, or an experience that will fill their hearts with joy, we recommend something more unique and smacks of smart thinking. We have prepared the “Val Insure”, an insurance policy cover for the one you truly love.

Agreed, not your typical idea but in the face of rising uncertainties and the growing need to give our loved ones something valuable, a policy that assures peace of mind, financial security and wealth management can prove to be the “Val’s gift of inestimable value.”

As Leadway counts down to celebrating fifty years of operational excellence, we can confidently tell you that an insurance policy brings with it a different appeal. Insurance is the best gift to offer that loved one if you are looking to do away with stereotypical Val ideas and Leadway offers various products that cater to the needs of that loved irrespective of age, gender or status.

Children are priceless treasures. So, if you are a parent or close guardian, the best thing to do for your wards on the 14th would be to “Val insure” them. Leadway’s Education Protection Plan is that perfect gift.

It is a flexible life insurance product that guarantees the continuity of your child’s quality education in the event of unplanned circumstances. It is a perfect way of showing your kids how much you cherish them; that you would even go extra miles to ensure they are protected if the inevitable happens.

Another gift idea is our Personal Accident a product designed to cover the policy holder in the event of an accident. The policy would take care of the insured’s medical expenses.  It is a way of letting your partner or any of your loved ones know that you care about them enough not allow them to spend unnecessarily on basic welfare needs.

Imagine how happy your partner/spouse would be if you get them a policy that would assist them in saving towards a brighter future with the confidence that they are covered if the unexpected should happen. The Leadway Savings Plan (LSP) is the policy for this. It will help the recipient make regular savings contribution and the exciting part is, this contribution accumulates interest during the term of the policy, giving the Policyholder financial security.

These are only a few out of the many products Leadway Assurance offers to protect whom you love dearly. Giving these gifts alone might not seem romantic but sharing them on Val’s Day makes them more symbolic. Leadway has been insuring happiness for 50 years, and if happiness is what you want for your loved ones, you should pick one of these products and many more. Whomever it is you are gifting on this special day, know that we have got you covered.

We invite you to call our product experts on 08088578050 or via email at for more details. Have a refreshing Valentine day ahead.


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