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Top 4 female billionaires in casinos business – Forbes 

Top 4 female billionaires into gambling and casinos – Forbes

In the male-dominated world of betting and casinos, a select group of formidable women have emerged as major players, amassing staggering fortunes.

According to Forbes, these pioneering women have not just shattered the glass ceiling but have also firmly established themselves among the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Each of these female billionaires possesses a distinctive success story, underlining that gender poses no obstacle to achieving extraordinary accomplishments in the high-stakes domain of casinos.

Here are 4 female billionaires in betting and casinos business, according to Forbes Real-Time Billionaire list as of March 4

Miriam Adelson

Mariam Adelson

At 78 years old, Miriam Adelson, a notable figure in the U.S., holds a substantial net worth of $34.5 billion, primarily amassed through her significant contributions to the casino industry. As the widow of Sheldon Adelson, the former CEO and Chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp., Miriam has not only inherited but also expanded upon her late husband’s legacy.

Under her leadership, the company has thrived globally, with a strong presence in renowned gambling destinations. Currently, Adelson and her family control over half of the New York Stock Exchange-listed gambling empire, which includes casinos in Singapore and Macao.

Denise Coates

Denise Coates

Denise Coates, a pioneering entrepreneur aged 56 from the United Kingdom, is a leading figure in the online gambling sector. With an impressive net worth of $7.8 billion, she co-owns and serves as the co-CEO of Bet365, a global giant in online gambling, alongside her billionaire brother, John.

Coates, who acquired the domain Bet365.com in 2000 and launched the website in 2001, holds approximately half of the privately held company. Facilitating over $65 billion in bets annually, her innovative approach and business acumen have positioned her at the forefront of the industry.

Pansy Ho

Pansy Ho

Pansy Ho, a 61-year-old businesswoman hailing from Hong Kong, with a net worth of $3.8 billion. She holds the chairmanship of Shun Tak Holdings, a Hong Kong and Macau-based property developer involved in ferry operations and hotel management. Established by her late father, the renowned Macau gaming magnate Stanley Ho, Shun Tak Holdings remains a significant player in the region.

Pansy Ho’s influence extends beyond the casino realm, with major shareholdings in Macau casino operators MGM China and her father’s SJM. Her diverse business engagements contribute significantly to her remarkable financial success.

Elaine Wynn

Elaine Wynn

At 81 years old, Elaine Wynn, with a net worth of $2.1 billion, is a prominent figure from the United States, often referred to as the “Queen of Las Vegas.” She co-founded Wynn Resorts in 2002 alongside her then-husband, Steve Wynn.

Despite Steve’s departure as CEO amid misconduct allegations in 2018, Elaine Wynn launched a successful proxy battle, leading to the resignation of two loyal board members.

Elaine, who owns an 8% stake in Wynn Resorts, played a pivotal role in the company’s success, overseeing the development of luxurious casinos and hotels. Despite her age, she remains a resilient and influential figure in the industry, boasting expertise and enduring prominence.