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The world bank’s energy specialist for Africa is coming to Nigeria

World Bank's Energy Specialist
It goes without saying that you are a leading light and a thought leader within Africa’s Energy Sector and it is on this premise that we write to invite you to attend a closed-door Session with the World Bank’s Energy Specialist on Africa. The Session will be moderated by Ifeoma Malo, the CEO of Clean Technology Hub.
The Rise Labs by Rise Networks in partnership with Business Day will be hosting the first ever monthly speaker series “Leveraging Innovation and Public/Private Partnerships to deliver Electricity to Nigeria’s Rural/Underserved Communities” with Rahul Srinivasan, The World Bank’s Energy Specialist for Africa.
The Event will take place at The Rise Labs, Ground Floor, 8a Adebayo Mokuolu Street beside Hotel Newcastle Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, April 6th 2019 by 4 pm and Seats are filling up Fast.
The purpose of this Event is to learn about world-class solutions and new models of intervention in the energy sector and how Nigeria can leverage innovation to deliver electricity to underserved/rural communities in Nigeria. It will also dwell on the importance of Public/Private Partnerships to the sustainable development of Nigeria by providing reliable, affordable, and
sustainable access to energy and how we can effectively tackle energy poverty in the country. The event also explores the opportunities available for young innovators in Africa to collaborate on solving the Continent & Energy Crisis.
Given our increasing Youth Population, there will also be discussions on
the possible ways through which the continent’s young innovators can collaborate to use new technologies to drive improvement in access to electricity within the Region and several experts and key stakeholders across sectors will be present at the Event.
The Lead Speaker, Rahul Srinivasan is an energy professional with deep international experience in renewables and energy access. At the World Bank, Rahul manages Lighting Africa & work on off-grid solar electrification of public institutions such as schools and health centres in various countries including Nigeria. He is also actively involved in various renewable energy projects (solar, geothermal) in Africa and Latin America.
Rahul is passionate about collaborating with government and private sector stakeholders towards driving reliable and affordable energy access and sustainable energy infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.
Prior to joining the World Bank, Rahul worked in private sector energy consulting for 5 years as a Senior Engineer and Client Manager. Subsequently, he graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2017. He served as a Teaching Fellow on Energy Policy and Markets and was bestowed the prestigious Don. K. Price award for academic excellence and significant impact on the Harvard community.
Securing adequate electricity is crucial to drive economic opportunities, increased jobs, and development in Nigeria. More than half the population of Nigeria, that is 95 million people, lack access to electricity.
For those who do, they often suffer from power outages and blackouts. The lack of reliable, affordable and sustainable access to energy affects everyday life in Nigeria, including the ability to do business, ultimately hindering economic growth.
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