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Professionalism at work is key

Professionalism at work is key

Janet Adeniran was invited to work in her present job as the Managing Director, Peacemark holdings, while she was working in America. After all negotiations were complete, she arrived in Nigeria and in no time, she began work.

The management team believed strongly that she needed some publicity and media intervention, so that she could be properly introduced to everyone and the Public Relations department in her office was in charge of that. One of the first and most important thing was to have a photo-shoot. She needed to have an official picture and then some more for the magazine cover she was going on.

She was scheduled for a photo-shoot at John & Johnson Studios International. After the shoot and the pictures were sent to her, she did not like the pictures and she did not fail to let her team know she was upset at the turnout.

The team decided to bring John Makinde, a reputable and professional photographer to meet with Janet. She was on phone when the head of her PR team, Victor, came into her office with John. Using her right hand, while her left hand held her mobile phone, she showed them the seats signaling that they should sit down.

She rounded up her conversation on phone and immediately began a conversation with them. “Yes, how may I help you Victor? And who do we have here?” she asked and Victor responded “This is John Makinde, he will personally be handling your photo-shoots this time around Ma’am.” Victor said and just a he was about to proceed, Janet interjected “Oh ok, I believe you should be more professional even in terms of delivery because my previous shoot was a major catastrophe…at least in my own eyes. I am not sure the photographer is a professional…anyway, nice meeting you John, I am hoping my experience will be better.” She said as she stretched out her hand to shake John.Victor and John later left the office.

The time for the shoot was slated for the following week. It was the same Johnson & Johnson International but now at their head office.

On the day of the shoot, Janet was there with her Personal Assistant, Lilian and Victor (The head of her PR team). “If we can judge by looks, then this environment certainly shows that the pictures are going to be nice…Victor, why didn’t you bring me here before?” she asked him as she sat down at the reception and asked Lilian to sit down too. “Ma’am, it is the same company, I just felt this time, we should try their head office, which is where we are now. Also, the previous one is closer to the office, that’s why.” Victor clarified.

Janet then peeped to watch three men setting up the camera and lights; she observed that one of the men that was giving out instructions, and at the same time setting up, looked familiar even from behind, but later felt her eyes were misleading her, so she remained calm until she was asked to come for her makeup and change of outfit. Lilian got up immediately, picked the outfits they had come with and headed with Janet to the make-up room.

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By the time she was done, she looked stunning. Lilian had to compliment her “You look absolutely stunning Ma’am” she said. “Thanks Lilian” Janet responded with a smile.

As they both walked out of the dressing room, they began walking towards the camera and everything was ready for the shoot. Again, she observed the same person she saw earlier. This time again, he wasn’t facing her direction, he was adjusting the camera in preparation for the photo-shoot, and as he heard Victor say “Oh, whao! You look absolutely stunning Ma”. He then turned and his eyes met Janet’s. She was so shocked that by the time John Makinde was stretching out his hand to greet Janet, she did a good job of acting like she was on top of the situation…MD Mode activated “So you work here?” she asked and with a smirk on his face, John sarcastically responded “Yes…I work here…I own John & Johnson Studios International, including the branch you took your pictures earlier. It’s the reason I said I would personally take the pictures this time around.” “Interesting, but why didn’t you tell me the other day you and Victor came into my office to see me?” she asked.

“If I remember correctly Ma’am, you did not give Victor room to completely explain my involvement and the reason we were both at your office. I didn’t see any chance of me saying anything if Victor wasn’t done sharing his reasons for coming.” John replied. “Notwithstanding, you should have at least said you were the owner of the company” Janet responded and again John didn’t mince words “Ma’am, when you sit before a client who says your job was a catastrophe and you weren’t sure if the photographer is a professional, aside not wanting to respond to your outlook because I wasn’t given any chance to talk, I also made up my mind I was going to personally take the photographs.” He said.

“So, this photo-shoot is your ‘come-back’ right? Well, I apologise for my words, sorry it came out that way. I just wasn’t initially fascinated about them…I must confess tough that after a while, I began to like it, but this shoot had been arranged and I decided to go ahead.” She explained and continued “I am sure your intention is to wow me…let’s just say you have won already in case you intend for my jaws to drop after seeing the finished product.” Janet teased. “Well, when you are a graduate of California Institute of Arts – Photography school, you are indebted to excellence” John said with a glimmer of subtle pride. “You certainly know how to toot your horns John” Janet replied.

It was an amazing shoot and when the pictures were sent to Janet, she was in awe. She had to place a call to John to personally thank him for a job well done.

Till date, as long as Peacemark Holdings is concerned, Johnson & Johnson International is the official photographer for the organisation. So far, there hasn’t been complains so let’s just say ‘catastrophes’ have become alien.