• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Nigeria, Namibia set for tourism exchanges with Nam-Naija project in September


In line with efforts at promoting intra-African tourism and travels, tourists from Nigeria and Namibia will be exchanging visits across top destinations in the two countries.

The visitations, which runs under the Nam-Naija tourism project, is expected to commence from September 3-9, 2023 and sustained across the year. It is endorsement by the Namibian Embassy in Nigeria and organised by Global Links and Services Limited, a Nigerian company, with its Namibian partners.

The project is aimed at giving Nigerians a firsthand feel of the tourism assets of Namibia and also exploring business opportunities in the country.

It will further sell Namibia as a tourist destination to Nigerians, and also encourage Namibians to visit Nigeria as part of the Nam-Naija project.

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Chinyere Umeasiegbu, managing director, Global Links and Services Limited, explained that, ”Namibia is an exciting place to visit and it is a destination that we are proud of. It is a country that is like no other and full of wonders. It is a country that is huge with so much topography. The essence of this trip is to open up Namibia, and there will be other exploratory trips thereafter. The first places are touchdown places as soon as you arrive in Namibia, and that is the capital Windhoek, which is a stunning capital. In fact, Namibia is so designed and the way it is, you will think you are in one part of Germany. It has its German look and flavor.

“We will be going through the city of Windhoek; we will then do a road trip to the coastal area, which is Swakupmond. On the road you will discover the roads are something else, they are clear, smooth and very enjoyable. We will be making some stops as we go along to some of the Himba villages for photo opportunities, up to Swakupmond, the coastal heart of Namibia, a miniature German town, beautiful scenery, and a lot of things to do. And then we throw in the Walvis Bay coast and do some exciting tours,” she said.

Umeasiegbu said further that the tour would include a boat cruise to explore the Atlantic Ocean coast area of Swakopmund. “Have you ever been on a boat cruise and seen seagulls and seals come right to you? Those are the kind of amazing things that happen when you visit Namibia, and with all the other wonderful places, where you see the ocean meeting almost the desert.

“Namibia is a breathtaking country and the trip is quite affordable. This is going to be one of the many other trips to Namibia, because Namibia is a huge country. It has the Etosha National Park, which is not part of the itinerary for this trip, but we will visit in subsequent trips. There is so much to do in Namibia,” she said.