• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Movies to watch this summer on Prime Videos

Movies to watch this summer on Prime Videos

It’s finally summer and you may be looking for movie recommendations for some relaxation and fun time. Here are new movies to watch on Prime Videos.

House Of Secrets-June 30

House Of Secrets
A Nollywood movie centered around the memory of a woman named Sarah (Najite Dede/ Efe Irele) who got involved in a terrible train event which she must remember to save the future of the nation and gain justice for her late husband. The movie uses film noir in a way of flashbacks.

Teni’s Big Day- July 8

Teni's Big Day
It’s Teni’s (Nancy Isime) big day where she gets married to her fiance (Kachi Nnochiri). The couple decide to bring along only close friends and family, unknowing to them a truck load of emotional rollercoaster is about to hit.

Cocaine Bear-August 15

Cocaine Bear
The film based on a true story, chronicles what happens when a drug-smuggling plane drops a ton of cocaine in a forest where a bear consumes a ruinous amount of the substance dropped in the woods propelling it to go on a killing spree. Despite the devastating turn of events in real life, the horror-comedy film takes a non-identical ending.

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The Lost Flowers At Alice Hart-August 4

The Lost Flowers At Alice Hart
When a young girl,Alice Hart (Alyla Browne), accidentally starts a fire at her home shed eventually killing her parents, she is rescued and taken to Thornfield, a flower farm which also serves as a sanctuary for abused women, a place called ‘where wildflowers are allowed to bloom’. The young girl who’s had a rough childhood upbringing moves in with her grandmother on a flower farm where her life takes a dramatic turn.

Harlan Colben’s Shelter-August 18

Harlan Colben’s Shelter
The story of Mickey Bolitar (Jaden Micheal) and his new life with a mom in rehab, a dead father, an annoying aunt, and a new school in New Jersey. When rumors circulate that there might be a town boogie man the night one of his new found friends goes missing, Mickey and his other friends must uncover the hidden mystery behind his father’s death, the ‘boogie man’ and his missing friend.

The Killing Vote-August 10

The Killing Vote
The Killing Vote is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, and Lim Ji-yeon. The K-drama centers on tracking the ‘deviation’ of conducting a national death penalty vote for malicious criminals and executing the death penalty. All citizens within the age rank of 18 are sent a text message polling whether that heinous criminal should receive a death penalty. If 50 percent respond to the death penalty, the person is killed by a dog mask.