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Movie Review: Isoken


Isoken “Nigeria over 30, successful but not married cardinal sin”

“Isoken” was an amazing story that most Nigerian girls would definitely connect with, although most people would feel like it’s more of a feminine movie, but it really wasn’t. It was just perfect and as good as the epic “Wedding party of 2016”. Sincerely I feel like this movie would make it to the top 10 Nigerian movies of the year and should get some awards. Dakore Akande known as “Isoken” in the movie was just so perfect for this lead role, it was more like a perfect comeback for her, since we really haven’t seen much of her in a while. She played the role extraordinarily well, that at some point it felt so real. She represented the typical Nigerian girl and what they go through when they are so successful and yet unmarried. To the society it looks like they don’t want to settle down, when deep down they long to get married and have a good and peaceful life. Isoken was just phenomenal in her role, so were so many of the other acts like Funke Akindele and Joseph Benjamin.

Jadesola who was the writer and director of this lovely movie, sure did have a well written and thought after story, which a lot of ladies can resonate with. In as much as it was a serious movie, it still had a lovely blend of comedy and suspense to it, as no one could really predict the end of the movie, nor tell who Isoken was going to settle for, which made it really interesting to watch. Isoken the young lady who was born into the family of the Osayande’s from Edo state in Nigeria, was about 34 years old, young, intelligent, charming, beautiful, successful at work and had an adorable character, but yet she wasn’t married. This made all her family members quite worried and perturbed for her, because they really couldn’t understand why a handsome charming man, hadn’t come to ask for her hand in marriage. Her mum and one of her aunts were her biggest pains as they couldn’t fathom why a very successful, beautiful young lady like her could still be single considering all her friends were married and even her younger sister who got married at age 24 immediately after University. The truth was that Isoken not getting married wasn’t due to any fault on her part, as she really desperately wanted to settle down, but really couldn’t find that one special man, who would give her peace, fulfillment and joy, so she was bent on waiting till she found the one. It was like a taboo for a girl at Isoken’s age to still be single, considering the Nigerian culture and its obsession with marriage, and making sure young girls married on time, at least before ‘30’.


It was more daunting for Isoken at her youngers sister’s wedding, when her mum went about introducing her to everyone as the unmarried one, who really needed help, she felt really embarrassed, but then that night luck shone on Isoken as she met this young, tall dark and handsome successful businessman, who was every young girl’s dream man, and instantly they got along and started to date. We were all happy and excited for Isoken that she was finally going to get married until one guy Kevin came along “one oyinbo” as they are called in Nigeria and Isoken started to doubt her love for Osaze.


The height of the movie was that Isoken explained to her friends that with Kevin she felt real, but with Osaze she needed to pretend and form to be able to meet up to his standards and needs, her love started to tilt towards Kevin and her friends just couldn’t understand how she could leave Osaze’s every woman’s dream man for an “Oyinbo’ as they all called him. She later got engaged to Osaze and yet wasn’t still happy. “Isoken” is a very romantic dramedy movie that explains the cultural anticipations, racial stereotypes and the bonds that unite families from the same region. The movie had a perfect storyline that unites families in a touching, dramatic and comedic way.


Cast: Dakore Akande, Joseph Benjamin, Marc Rhys, Funke Akindele, Lynda Forson, Damilola Attoh and others

Director: Jadesola Osiberu

Script writer: Jadesola Osiberu

Casting 1hr 35mins

To my verdict I would say “Isoken” deserves a 9.5/10, they had a perfect cast and crew, the production was top notch for a Nigerian movie, fantastic storyline, beautiful choices and locations, cinematography and costumes were impeccable. The action, thrill, drama and comedy were so on point and at no time excessive. There was really no major fault to me in the movie. I would say that the chosen casts were just perfect for the roles with no misfit to me. So for me this is a 100% recommendation to go see this movie. So for those who want to have a cool and relaxing weekend then this is absolutely the movie to see.

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