• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Globacom signs Asake, Kizz Daniel, Chike to inspire young Nigerians


Globacom, a digital services solutions provider, has appointed three top Nigerian music artists, Asake, Kizz Daniel, and Chike, as its brand ambassadors. The company’s decision is aimed at showcasing these icons as role models for aspiring young Nigerians in a time when positive heroes and mentors are in short supply.

This move not only supports the growth of music, Nollywood, and sports but also encourages youth to pursue their dreams by looking up to these ambassadors as mentors.

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The unveiling ceremony took place at Globacom’s corporate headquarters, Mike Adenuga Towers, Victoria Island, Lagos, in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary. Globacom believes in highlighting the potential of youth and enterprise and aims to inspire young people to achieve their goals through focus, passion, and dedication.

Glo is committed to promoting the entertainment sector, recognising its ability to showcase Nigeria to the world and transform lives. By appointing these stars as ambassadors, the company hopes to inspire a new generation of visionary young individuals who can overcome challenges and achieve more while retaining hope in the face of adversity.

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The growing trend of fintech and telecommunication companies partnering with Afrobeats artists is having a significant impact on the music industry. These collaborations provide a mutually beneficial platform for both the corporate giants and the music artists.

For artists, it offers a substantial source of income and exposure, allowing them to reach a broader audience and expand their fan base. This financial support can be instrumental in producing high-quality music, music videos, and stage performances, ultimately raising the bar for creativity and production standards in the industry.

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On the other hand, for fintech and telecommunication companies, associating with Afrobeats artists allows them to tap into the immense popularity and influence of these musicians. Afrobeats has not only captured the hearts of Africans but has gained international recognition, making it a powerful tool for marketing and brand promotion. These partnerships enable companies to connect with a younger, tech-savvy demographic, leveraging the artists’ credibility and appeal to enhance their market reach.

Furthermore, it creates synergies between the financial and entertainment sectors, driving innovation in both industries as they collaborate on innovative payment solutions, digital music distribution, and more. Overall, these partnerships are shaping the music industry by infusing it with new resources, technology, and opportunities for artists to thrive while offering companies a unique way to engage with their target audience.