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Entertainment industry has rebounded from 2020 Covid-19 crisis – LinoMrLion

Nigerian comedian LinoMrLion who is effortlessly making a huge success from his base in Turkey said the entertainment industry has rebounded from the Covid-19 crisis of 2020

Reflecting on the past year, he said: “There were times we were in total lockdown in Turkey, and sometimes, it was partial lockdown. All the same, I and my crew were able to work indoors for the entertainment of my fans. And, one way or the other, doors kept opening for me. That is worth celebrating by the end of this year.”

As far as he is concerned, LinoMrLion (whose real name is Wemimo Iyiola Samson) can hardly recall any loss. “I won’t be able to point at one. The reason being that the gains overshadowed the losses,” he affirmed.

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“I will say, losses came, but gains were more and that made the losses insignificant.”

While running a showbiz business in the diaspora could be quite challenging, LinoMrLion averred that he has been able to manage it effortlessly.

“The ‘will to entertain my fans both at home and abroad sometimes make me look beyond any challenge by finding a way out of it,” he said.

“Also, I ensure that we work within the regulatory framework of the country where the skits are being shot,” he added.

Reflecting on his days of small beginning, the comedian who started as a musician known as Wemskills in the early 2000s, said: “As young boys, me and my friends moved round studios and clubs to perform for little or nothing in those days. But eventually, it was the comedy that put me in the limelight.”

While he is yet to reach the level of a top act in the industry, LinoMrLion is satisfied with his progress as a comedian. “What I am doing now is well-received by my fans,” he stated.

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