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Despised for no offence, yet Eniola rose above the hate

Despised for no offence, yet Eniola rose above the hate

Eniola Ajayi is a brilliant, energetic and positive thinking 27year old lady. She lost her father in a ghastly motor accident and her mother died two years later. She graduated at the age of 25 after studying Economics and hadn’t gotten a job in two years.

She kept applying but she was rejected based on lack of experience.

She finally got a job in a communications company as a low-level clerk. She was a diligent and hardworking employee, but she nursed dreams of a better life. Little did she know that her journey from grass to grace was about to begin. Not without some actions of envy from her colleagues. It bothered her because she wasn’t even a senior staff and she believed it would take her a while to get to their position, she just didn’t understand why they treated her that way.

In the company, Eniola’s duties consisted of filing paperwork, arranging meetings, and running errands for her superiors. Despite the repetitive nature of her job, Eniola approached each task with unwavering determination and a positive attitude. She believed that even the smallest tasks could be opportunities for growth.

Her unwavering dedication did not go unnoticed. Overtime, those who envied her began to understand her, except Lanre Johnson, who disliked her for no particular reason she could think of.

She got admired even by her superiors for her ethics and professionalism. One day, the company’s CEO, Chike Okonkwo, saw how Eniola single-handedly organised a chaotic filing system. Impressed by her efficiency and attention to detail, he decided to give her a chance to prove herself further.
Chike called Eniola into his office and offered her a position as his personal assistant. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Eniola accepted the opportunity without hesitation. She saw this as her chance to make a lasting impression and climb the ladder.

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As Chike’s personal assistant, her role increased. She managed his calendar, organised high-profile meetings, and handled confidential documents with utmost discretion.

Her new role meant an opportunity to improve. Her quest to further her education grew as she became even more knowledgeable, but she was willing to serve till the opportunity presented itself.

Eniola’s commitment was beyond remarkable. She was so good that her ability to anticipate Chike’s needs and her exceptional organisational ability earned her his trust and respect. He began involving her in important decision-making processes and requesting for her opinion on vital matters.

This boosted her self-confidence and made her see clearly that she could actually contribute to the growth of the business. She began to ask questions and sought how to identify opportunities to contribute beyond her role as a personal assistant.

She did not just think about it, she learnt about it, asking questions, researching on various departments within the company, attended workshops and seminars during her breaks, identified projects that would allow her to showcase her skills and acquire new ones.
Her colleagues noticed her zeal and were willing to join forces with her, except Lanre. She made up her mind that she would one day ask him why he behaved the way he did to her, but the time had not come.

One day, the Managing Director of a rival organisation visited Eniola’s office, never one to take such opportunity to strike up a conversation for granted, the MD was amazed at the depth of her understanding and communication power.

He couldn’t resist offering her a job. He gave her his card and she gave him hers. She was humbled at his kind gesture, but she knew it wasn’t time to leave. Though she appreciated his offer, she explained her desire to take on new challenges and grow in her career, but not to leave her company yet. The man was again impressed and wished her well.

Apparently, Lanre walked by when the complimentary cards were exchanged, and he did not miss the opportunity to go ahead and tell Chike.

As she turned to go back to her office, she saw Lanre coming out of Chike’s office and something in her felt strongly that he had told her boss the wrong thing.

She didn’t want to go into his office without being called, so she waited.

Unlike Chike, he did not ask for his schedule for the next day from her. She saw him leaving with his bag and ran after him. “Sir, are you leaving?” she asked. “Obviously, can’t you tell?” he responded.

Lanre walked briskly towards him and offered to help him carry his bag to the car. Something Eniola had never seen him do before. That was all the evidence she needed.

The office environment became very uncomfortable for her. She wasn’t happy her boss wasn’t happy. He was extremely formal and sometimes harsh. She took it in and continued on her job.

One day, she brought a file to his office. After she dropped it and turned to leave, she heard his voice say “So, when exactly were you planning to tell me? At your point of saying good-bye to us?”

Eniola turned, with tears in her eyes, struggling to ensure the tears didn’t drop. Somehow, she fought back the tears “I am glad sir that the opportunity has finally presented itself. Sir, I am not going anywhere, not now and not in the nearest future. If I will, I will surely let you know. I am not an ingrate sir, and after serving for this long, it is quite sad you saw me in such a way and did not even ask me. You allowed Lanre tell you a lie and you believed him without even hearing from me.”

Chike was shocked to know Eniola knew it was Lanre who told him. “Who told you it was Lanre?” he asked.

“I saw him coming out of your office that day the MD of our rival company came to see the GM” Eniola responded.

He knew not to lie because the facts stared him in the face. He also didn’t want Eniola to know her words pierced him, neither did he want to see her cry. He brought out a handkerchief from the pack he had by his table and offered it to her. She looked at it for a few seconds, looked at him for another few seconds, looked back at the handkerchief and with a frown, received it.

“Sit…so, tell me exactly what happened.” Chile questioned.

She narrated what transpired, how the man offered her a job and how she turned it down and told him she still wanted to stay.

Chike felt bad. He knew he messed up. He was also quite arrogant. He knew he was to apologise and wished there was a better way around it without saying it.

“I guess that was an error on my part. I get it now. That’s fine. Well, some of those butter cookies you like are in that souvenir pack, you can pick it on your way out.” He said.

“Sir, it is actually okay to say you are sorry.” Eniola responded.

Shocked at her guts, though enthralled by her boldness, he smiled and responded “Okay Eniola, I am sorry. I should have at least listened to you.”

“It’s okay sir. Thank you” She responded and left, with her cookies of course.

He sent for Lanre and warned him not to ever give him any unverified information again, and to ensure he faces the exact reason he was employed. He also asked him to go and apologise to Eniola.

Lanre felt ashamed. He went to Eniola’s office and apologised. She then knew it was the right opportunity to ask him why he hated her so much. He promised he would tell her, but not at that moment.

They met later at lunch and Lanre told her she reminded him of his ex fiance who he gave his all to and left him after 4 years. He told her they had striking resemblance and mannerisms.

“Oh wow! But I am not her and she isn’t me Lanre. Even if you say we are alike, we obviously aren’t”.

He apologised again and Eniola told him she had forgiven him.

Now, they both have a good relationship as colleagues. Lanre now has a girlfriend and things are looking good for him.

One day, she teased him “Hope our new wife doesn’t look like me?” And they both had a good laugh.

Eniola has continued to do well, and she is being considered for promotion.

The end!