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Budget should not be a constraint in making a hit song – Bun Bydaway

The music industry has changed beyond imagination. An increase in the use of technology and international awareness about different genres of music is now inspiring unique tunes.

An A-list music A&R, entrepreneur, and industry expert Bun Bydaway says that it has become tougher than ever to top the charts.

From his experience, Bun shares that a musician needs to have a strong presence even before they are signed by a company. Here’s what he suggests musicians should do to make it big in the present time.

Make music and keep at it
To succeed in the music industry today, you have to be a skilled artist. Practice for long hours and experiment with your music. It is essential to have a personal style of music as your uniqueness will make you stand out among the pretenders. Bun Bydaway stresses that it may take a long time before you make a name for yourself. So, be consistent and always keep innovating.

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Build a social presence
The internet has opened pandora’s box of promotional methods for artists nowadays. “You don’t have to sit around, waiting to be discovered, or run behind producers anymore,” says Bydaway. He mentions that artists are gaining a lot of popularity by building an online presence for themselves. They can promote their work on social media platforms and interact with their fans via live streams.

Focus on all aspects of the song
Even if you don’t have an elaborate budget, try to get creative with your music and develop a unique piece. Try to experiment with the tools you create music with and have a creative video that attracts people. Take Childish Gambino for instance — his out-of-the-box videos and presentation style attracted thousands because it had never been seen before.

Bun Bydaway’s BDW Studios is known for helping artists create trailblazing music with the help of ultra-modern equipment and expert support. Bun himself is quite particular about the quality of music produced there.

According to him, a good artist is difficult to spot but it is even tougher to chisel the great artist out. Bun spends his days creating music that can make a difference in his community and the world, and at times, playing exceptional poker games.

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