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‘Altercation’ album sparks social consciousness as ARB tours Spain

‘Altercation’ album sparks social consciousness as ARB tours Spain

Hailing from the city of Abuja, Nigeria, ARB (Alter-Reflective Beats), an Alternative music band, has overcome the challenges that come with visibility for new artists to emerge victorious in the music industry.

Consisting of three main members Anthony Osunde professionally known as Dr. T, Odenose Dele Damisa also known as Odenose, and Ifeoluwa Adedeji professionally known as Ifektive who is the band Keyboardist and Producer, their remarkable talent and dedication led them to win the prestigious Vis-A-vis competition, alongside Alte artist Ruth Mahogany.

ARB tours Spain

As a result, ARB and Ruth Mahogany are now embarking on an exhilarating tour to Spain and the Canary Islands, where they will perform songs from their debut album ‘Altercation’ which sparks social consciousness in its listeners.

Headed by Dr. T, ARB stirs the airwaves and streaming platforms with a mesmerizing soundscape that transcends the boundaries of genre. With their unique fusion of Afro rhythms and alternative sensibilities featuring artists from different genres, ARB delivers a sonic tapestry that not only captivates the senses but ignites a fervent awakening within the listener.

Dr. T brings a distinctive blend of talents to the forefront, showcasing his versatility as a professional engineer and a passionate musician. “I am using this platform to enable & empower young talented musicians whilst responding to that inner calling to invest and nurture my talent,” Dr T said

ARB tours Spain

While juggling his engineering career, Dr. T dedicated considerable time and effort to launching the highly anticipated ‘Altercation’ album, coinciding with the band’s tour in Spain. Dr. T’s raw vocals add a unique dimension to ARB’s music, as his ability to both rap and sing provides the songs with unparalleled versatility.

Currently on their Vis-à-vis music tour sponsored by the Spanish Embassy to Nigeria, the group has been able to entertain music lovers from the Canary Island and all around Spain with unfiltered Alte beats performing songs like ‘Break Am’, ‘Advanced Slavery’ ‘Kilode’ and other songs of insightful melodies.

According to Dr. T, the journey of ARB has been a testament to perseverance and the power of our collective vision. Determined to create something unique Dr T said the group has honed their craft, played countless gigs, and constantly pushed the boundaries of their sound.

ARB tours Spain

Winning the Vis-A-vis competition, according to him, was a transformative moment for the group, providing validation for their artistic expression and opening doors to new opportunities.

Dr. T’s leadership and vision have been paramount in creating an environment where the band members can flourish and collectively express themselves through their art. The band which is signed to his record label ‘Reedamae Records’ has 7 supporting members in Abuja and 6 supporting members in Lagos from which he picked Destiny Idemudia Williams (Bass Player), and Olalekan Akande (Drummer) to join them on tour to Spain.

Beyond his leadership role, Dr. T’s vocal prowess brings a dynamic element to ARB’s music. His ability to seamlessly transition between rapping and singing adds depth and variety to their sound, captivating audiences with his raw and emotive delivery.

His ability to form the group, combined with his exceptional vocals, solidifies his position as an integral part of ARB’s artistic journey and reinforces their determination to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

ARB tours Spain

From the politically charged anthems that challenge the status quo to the soul-stirring melodies that pay homage to the tragic events of the Chibok girls in Northern Nigeria, ‘Altercation’ is an unyielding call to arms, a vivid portrayal of the struggles faced by the youth, and a poignant examination of the socio-economic fabric that weaves our collective destiny.

The album is a testament to their artistic brilliance and an urgent reminder that music can be a powerful catalyst for change. From ‘Advanced Slavery’ which features Made Kuti son of Afrobeat legend Femi Kuti to ‘Break Am’ featuring fast Afrobeats rapper ODUMODUBLVCK who was recently nominated for different categories at the 16th Headies Awards scheduled to hold later this year.

In a surprising revelation, Dr. T discloses their upcoming collaborations with ODUMODUBLVCK, during the interview. The band, along with ODUMODUBLVCK, began their respective careers in Abuja, Nigeria, and their shared roots have fostered a deep connection. Dr. T, expresses his admiration for the rapper’s remarkable growth in recent years, emphasizing the importance of collaborating with artists they hold close.

Dr. T believes that by collaborating with artists they have a strong bond, and they create a synergy that can potentially elevate their careers to unimaginable heights. This exciting news highlights ARB’s commitment to cultivating relationships within their local music scene while showcasing their ambition to forge new creative paths alongside their trusted peers.

 ARB tours Spain

Artists such as Bigshyrobot, Goya Menor, 121 Selah, and Nicole Osarumwense who are all featured in the new album prove the band’s commitment to working with artists with a similar career path as theirs.

‘Altercation,’ also showcases versatility and ability to delve into socially relevant topics. One standout track, ‘Hear Me,’ addresses the heart-wrenching and widely covered kidnapping of the Chibok girls. With a slow-paced and emotive composition, the band captures the pain, sorrow, and longing associated with this tragic event.

Through soul-stirring melodies, ARB creates a powerful and thought-provoking experience for listeners, shedding light on the lingering impact of such atrocities. ‘Hear Me’ serves as a testament to the band’s commitment to using their platform to raise awareness and spark conversations about pressing social issues.

Another noteworthy song from the album is ‘Winta,’ which carries a profound message encapsulated in its self-coined acronym, “War is not the answer.” ARB masterfully crafts a reflective and introspective atmosphere, inviting listeners to question the futility of conflict and violence.

ARB tours Spain

The slow pace of the song allows the lyrics performed by the vocals of Odenose to take center stage, emphasizing the band’s desire to promote peace and unity. ‘Winta’ demonstrates ARB’s ability to seamlessly blend meaningful messages with their distinctive sound, presenting an artistic experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Odenose’s singing career started in church and other social events like most of Afrobeats top acts. Her powerful vocals caught the attention of Ife who introduced her to Dr T.

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According to Odenose, the success ARB has achieved so far has been through the act of providence starting from the humble streets of Abuja before moving to Lagos to perform their first gig in 2021. She also described the tour to Spain as an incredible mix of excitement and anticipation and the opportunity to share their music with international audiences as a dream come true.

ARB tours Spain

Ruth Mahogany, though not an original member of ARB, has become an integral part of the band’s journey over the past couple of years. Her exceptional talent and undeniable chemistry with the band caught the attention of the Vis-A-vis competition judges, leading to her remarkable victory. From managing DrT’s studio in Abuja, she now finds herself in Spain, showcasing their collective artistry to international audiences.

Ruth’s musical journey began with humble performances at school events, where her captivating vocals first started leaving an impression on listeners. Fast forward to the present, she has made her mark on the ‘Altercation’ album, lending her voice as the chorus for songs like ‘Freedom Park.’

ARB tours Spain

This particular track carries a powerful message, dedicated to the emancipation of the African youth. Ruth’s evocative vocals bring a sense of urgency and passion to the song, resonating with listeners and highlighting her ability to connect with the essence of the music.

As the tour continues, Ruth Mahogany stands side by side with ARB, proving her artistic prowess and solidifying her place within the band. Her journey from school performances to international stages showcases the remarkable growth and potential that lies within her.

ARB tours Spain

With her contribution to multiple songs on the ‘Altercation’ album, including the impactful ‘Freedom Park,’ Ruth’s vocals add depth and emotion to the band’s music, further captivating audiences and solidifying their collective vision for social change and artistic expression.

 ARB tours Spain

An unsung hero within ARB, Ifektive, the band’s producer, has played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s sound and bringing its members together. With the impressive feat of producing all 23 songs on the ‘Altercation’ album, Ife’s talent and dedication are undeniable.

What sets Ifektive apart is not only his exceptional production skills but also his instrumental role in introducing both the band’s vocal singer, OD, and the talented Ruth Mahogany to the group.

Ifektive’s journey as a producer dates back to 2008 when he began working as a freelance producer. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with some of Afrobeats’ top acts, gaining invaluable experience and honing his craft. Now, as ARB’s producer, Ife carries the weight of ensuring that the band’s sound is exceptional both on the album and on stage during their Vis-a-vis tour.

ARB tours Spain

His meticulous attention to detail and his deep understanding of each band member’s strengths have helped create a cohesive and powerful musical experience for ARB and their listeners. Ifektive’s contributions exemplify the importance of a skilled producer in shaping the overall sound and success of a band, and his journey from a freelance producer to becoming an integral part of ARB’s musical evolution showcases his remarkable talent and commitment to the craft.

As ARB continues to captivate audiences with their live performances, it is Ife’s dedication and artistry behind the scenes that ensure their music resonates powerfully. His role as the band’s producer remains instrumental in maintaining the band’s unique sound and elevating their performances to new heights.

As ARB embarks on their highly anticipated tour in Spain, the band’s journey from humble beginnings in Abuja, Nigeria, to the international stage is a testament to their unwavering passion, talent, and commitment to their craft.

With the release of their latest album, ‘Altercation,’ ARB pushes the boundaries of Alte music, addressing social issues and sharing powerful narratives through their captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

ARB tours Spain
From the leadership of Dr. T and the soulful vocals of Odenose and Ruth Mahogany to the masterful production of Ifektive and the rhythmic backbone provided by Lekan and Destiny, each member of ARB brings a unique contribution to the band’s sound and artistic vision. Together, they represent the unity and diversity within the Alte music movement, using their platform to inspire change, create connections, and leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

As ARB’s music reverberates through venues in Spain and beyond, their journey continues, propelled by their unwavering dedication and the profound impact of their artistry.