• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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7 Useful tips to help your kids focus as school sets to resume


Parents may be considering the best strategies for helping their kids focus as another school year draws near. Fostering attention is essential for academic performance, as they set to start a new a class.

Here are some practical tips parents can use to prepare kids and help them focus as they resume the new session.

1. Organise their school items: Ensure that they have all the required stationery, textbooks, and other school materials. Check if their school bag, shoes and socks and uniforms need replacement. This will help you reduce stress and stay organized

2. Help them set measurable goals: To stay motivated and engaged throughout the forthcoming school year, help them set both academic and personal goals.

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3. Let them establish a study schedule : this will enable them efficiently manage their time and strike a balance between academic work and other activities; and in the long run help them achieve their set goals. This also helps them keep track of assignments.

4. Reduce their screen time: Too much screen time can interfere with their ability to concentrate. Establish explicit rules for screen use, such as time restrictions for leisure activities like social networking and video games.

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5. Live heathy: Make their health a priority by letting them get adequate sleep, eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

6. Establish a strong rapport with their teachers, let them keep you updated on you child(ren)’s performance in class. As parents or guardians, you do not know what happens within the school premises, building good communication with your child’s teacher helps you understand your child’s behaviour in class.

7. Communicate with your child: make your child very comfortable talking with you. Creating a supportive environment that supports their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing can help them concentrate in class and participate actively in class discussions without being timid.

In the end, the secret is to strike a balance between rigidity and adaptability, enabling children to excel academically while still enjoying the process of learning.