• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Kinleys Securities Limited…What is the challenge?


 I just saw your contact today as I was going through today’s BusinessDay (14/3/13) newspaper. Thank you for your desire to help resolve our issues.

I requested for the closure of my account with the above stockbroker – Kinleys Securities Limited (account no.82448759) and CSCS clearing no c/386380AK, and the account to be transferred to Tower Assets Management (TAM) Limited with account no 52495508 or c459493AK, but this has not been reflected in my holdings with TAM Limited till date.

Whereas, all other stocks in that account were moved leaving out FBN Nigeria plc. All effort to get it resolved even with the Registrars has also not worked. They keep asking me to go through my stockbroker (TAM), which I have done but still nothing has been done.

I will appreciate if you could assist to resolve this permanently.