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Ikeja Hotel, Champion Breweries, IEI in reign of capital appreciation


Equity holders of Ikeja Hotel plc, Champion Breweries plc, and International Energy Insurance Company plc had cause to smile in the four-day trading week to October 3, 2014, as they offered highest level of capital appreciation that is one of the main sources of investment returns at the stock market.

Also, stocks that recorded reasonable level of capital appreciation at the Nigerian bourse last week include: Cement Company of Northern Nigeria plc, Stanbic IBTC Holdings plc, UACN Property Development Company plc, Skye Bank plc, Royal Exchange Assurance plc, Sterling Bank plc, and UBA Capital plc.

The aforementioned equities respectively recorded highest level of price increase out of 40 equities that appreciated in prices. These equities accounted for reasonable percentage increase of the NSE All-Share Index (ASI) and market capitalisation by 0.70 percent.

On the other hand, it didn’t augur well for shareholders of R.T. Briscoe (Nigeria) plc, May & Baker Nigeria plc, and Vono Products plc.

It was also not a good outing for shareholders in Academy Press plc, Learn Africa plc, Costain (West Africa) plc, Premier Breweries plc, UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust, Interlinked Technologies plc, and Custodian and Allied plc, as these equities respectively led the 34 equities that depreciated in prices.

Details show that the share price gain recorded by Ikeja Hotel plc exceeded other stocks at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) after it rose from N1.52 to N2, adding N0.48 or 31.58 percent.

On the downbeat side, the share price of R.T. Briscoe (Nigeria) plc led other equities after it dropped from N0.97 to N0.85, losing N0.12 or 12.37 percent.

The weekly report from the Nigeria bourse showed other equities that recorded reasonable price increase. This include: Champion Breweries plc, which rose from N9.70 to N12.35, adding N2.65 or 27.3 percent; followed by International Energy Insurance Company plc, which rallied from N0.51 to N0.59, adding N0.08 or 15.69 percent.

Also, Cement Company of Northern Nigeria plc appreciated from N14.15 to N15.75, adding N1.60 or 11.31 percent; while the share price of Stanbic IBTC Holdings plc rose from N32 to N35, adding N3 or 9.38 percent.

In addition, the share price of UACN Property Development Company plc rose from N14.50 to N15.85, adding N1.35 or 9.31 percent; Skye Bank plc appreciated from N2.64 to N2.87, gaining N0.23 or 8.71 percent; Royal Exchange Assurance plc rose from N0.55 to N0.59, up by N0.04 or 7.27 percent; followed by that of Sterling Bank plc, which garnered N0.15 or 6.98 percent from an initial price of N2.15 to N2.30; while UBA Capital plc appreciated from N2.05 to N2.18, adding N0.13 or 6.34 percent.

On the negative side, May & Baker Nigeria plc followed on the topmost chart of losers after its share price dropped from N1.91 to N1.72, losing N0.19 or 9.95 percent; Vono Products plc declined from N1.56 to N1.42, down by N0.14 or 8.97 percent; while Academy Press plc dropped from N1.40 to N1.32, losing N0.08 or 5.71 percent.

In addition, Learn Africa plc dropped from N1.40 to N1.32, down by N0.08 or 5.71 percent; Costain (West Africa) plc declined from N0.95 to N0.90, losing N0.05 or 5.26 percent; while Premier Breweries plc dropped from N4.63 to N4.40, losing N0.23 or 4.97 percent.

Also, UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust dipped from N9.13 to N8.68, losing N0.45 or 4.93 percent; Interlinked Technologies plc declined from N4.90 to N4.66, down by N0.24 or 4.90 percent, while Custodian and Allied plc dipped from N4.30 to N4.09, after its share price dropped by N0.21 or 4.88 percent.

Iheanyi Nwachukwu