• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Uzo Ozoh, Legal Advisor Gas & Contracts, Chevron

Uzo Ozoh, Legal Advisor Gas & Contracts, Chevron

Uzo is an experienced transactional lawyer that leverages 16+ years of business and legal roles linking people, business objectives and sound risk analysis in the energy sector to provide solution-oriented services to clients.

She currently leads a team of lawyers that delivers business focused legal support on complex, multi-jurisdictional gas, commercial and supply chain related transactions of spend greater than US$1 billion and 650 million scf/d within the Nigeria and mid-Africa business unit of Chevron. Uzo coordinates overall legal support to four Chevron companies with interests in the West African gas pipeline value chain, leads the business legal role that advices the company’s leadership on governance, advocacy, stakeholder management, and contracts pertaining to the $10bn Escravos Gas-to-Liquids portfolio, and oversees legal support to lower carbon related projects in the business unit.

Also, she is a non-executive director in a financial institution providing oversight and guidance to the board on corporate governance, nominations, and executive remuneration, and supporting transformational change to the bank that has enabled significant growth in the balance sheet size of the bank.

Ozoh has learnt over the years that learning does not require a formal classroom setting, or a formal ‘On the job’ assignment. She says that a very impactful learning can come from the simple interactions in our day, exploring the views of exceptional everyday people who research and develop certain areas of interest, and non-grandiose internal and external communications regarding business trends and strategies that set companies apart.

In 2023, this concept of learning was reaffirmed for her. She had started the year with clear functional (Law related) learning goals, but as the year went by, her daily interactions, a bit of curiosity, and an opportunity to work as part of a team developing strategies for a business transformation, created simple, but very impactful learning and growth. She identifies two of such areas to be strategic communication (where she learnt about the power of viewing mistakes as ‘missed takes’ similar to video shoots, which will enable her view failures as opportunities for additional trials until she or her team gets the ‘takes’ right) and the second one is energy transition (where she says Chevron has remained consistent in its views and strategies around meeting energy demand with a range of lower carbon solutions.)

In 2024, Uzo has made up her mind to expand her knowledge and skill in these two areas, and in an additional area that is shaping organisations and driving competitive advantage – Organisational culture.

She has her LLM, Petroleum Law and Policy from University of Dundee and MBA from Imperial College Business School.