• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Uchechi Udeoka, International Growth Consultant at Google, Canada


As an international growth consultant at Google, Canada, Uchechi Udeoka helps customers across the globe achieve their business goals and grow their online presence through Google’s products and solutions. She leverages her 8 years of experience in ad tech sales and marketing, as well as her MA in Strategic Marketing from London School of Business and Finance, to provide strategic guidance, customised solutions, and best practices to her clients.

Previously, she was the Head of Business Development for Eskimi, a leading programmatic advertising platform in West Africa, where she grew the clientele portfolio by more than 100% and managed business relations in four markets.

Furthermore, she also led and supervised the account management and business development team, conducted trainings and webinars for clients and industry partners, and ensured customer success and satisfaction.

Uchechi is passionate about product marketing and integrated marketing communications and enjoys learning new skills and technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

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Regardless of its impact, versatility and dynamism, according to Uchechi, outdoor advertising suffers under the skepticism and ignorance of brands yet to come to terms with its efficacy. For her, outdoor advertising is a catalyst for increasing brand awareness, re-positioning brands positively and creating a lasting positive brand image. Udeoka insists that it reinforces a brand’s promise in the mind of consumers (brand recall) and helps businesses remain top of mind. She says this is because consumers are loyal to brands who constantly remind them of their market offerings.

Udeoka adds that businesses that have harnessed the power of outdoor advertising over the years have testified of its prowess in significantly achieving their marketing communication goals and objectives.

On digital marketing, Udeoka says it’s easy in today’s digital market to get lost in the sea of content constantly vying for consumer’s attention. She is of the opinion that it also doesn’t help that consumers have learnt to tune out ads during their browsing sessions, and have probably installed tools to help block out most sites on desktop browsers.

However, Uchechi believes that with consumers spending more time on mobile devices, there is a great need for more intelligent approaches to reach them across channels and platforms because consumers are now more likely to respond to ads that are relevant to them at the right time in their customer journey, and even more if the ad connects with them personally.

Udeoka values networking and connecting with like-minded professionals who share her interests and vision. In her spare time, she loves reading, walking in nature, and having intelligent conversations with friends and family over red wine and a hearty laugh.