• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Toun Tunde-Anjous, Founder/CEO, The People Practice

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Toun Tunde-Anjous is the Founder/CEO of The People Practice, an innovative and versatile people (HR) and culture professional with 10 years of progressive experience across a variety of sectors in SSA (Tech, oil & gas and investment management) providing core people-related solutions and co-creating innovative people-centred culture.

She has collaborated with a wide range of industry and startup leaders to translate corporate strategy into people initiatives that enhance organisational performance, employee engagement, and business value. She has also assisted startups in scaling up and led a wide range of complex change projects that resulted in increased business impact, operational excellence, and a positive employee experience.

Toun provides leadership to a team of professionals to power startups and companies through people, culture and technology solutions, including recruitment, culture creation and alignment, training, people strategy and so on. She has worked with over 40 startups and businesses across a wide variety of sectors including fintech, health, property, logistics, education, lifestyle, service and NGOs on people and culture.

She is responsible for providing strategic leadership and conceptualising initiatives, successfully driving significant increase in business visibility and awareness which drives the growth of the company, and increased brand recognition in the African tech space.

Furthermore, she develops, implements, and maintains policies and procedures, coordinating updates as needed whilst serving the lead on people and culture projects for clients, which facilitates the expansion of clients’ companies in alignment with organisational goals and vision.

Toun also collaborates with founders and executives to develop operational strategies in culture creation, alignment and design on people strategy that positively impacts client growth and organisational practices. One of which is
coaching female founders (Spytrac, Hail, Edward Consulting, Euphoria, Skatecity, Lala’s Management) on leveraging technology to drive organisational growth.

Toun is working to change the culture of work in Nigeria by running culture clinics in companies to create and align mission values, and create new sets of behaviours.

Her combination of Economics and Human Resources degrees, as well as her diverse experience in conceptualising and implementing HR transformation projects and people-centred solutions within culturally diverse organisations, has provided her with the skills to help businesses achieve business growth and sustainability through their people and culture strategy.

She helps develop innovative and effective people-related solutions and culture transformation frameworks, as well as design sustainable strategies suitable for startups and businesses to scale and align people solutions to business needs.