• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Olufunke Olumide, managing partner, The Legacy Haus

Olufunke Olumide, managing partner, The Legacy Haus

Olufunke Olumide is a partner in the private clients and multifamily office practice of Acuity Partners.

She serves as the managing partner of its multifamily office, The Legacy Haus, which is the first African-focused multifamily office tailored to cater to the unique needs of African families and individuals. With an unwavering commitment to preserving legacies and propelling wealth expansion, she plays a pivotal role that encompasses strategic planning, personalised advisory, and pioneering wealth and personal solutions.

With over a decade of advisory experience, she specialises in working with families and business owners to navigate the intricate pathways of multi-generational wealth transfer and governance. As an experienced business integrity, compliance and corporate governance expert, she engages with clients to institute resilient family structures and constitute robust corporate governance frameworks. She provides dynamic advice which adeptly addresses compliance challenges and facilitates the smooth operations of businesses within Nigeria.

She is a trusted advisor to domestic and multinational companies. Through her journey, she has led diverse teams in conducting legal due diligence investigations and provided invaluable insights into M&A, private equity, and corporate restructuring across sectors ranging from FMCG and finance to technology, media, and agriculture. Her dedication extends to advocating for corporate rescue mechanisms aimed at resuscitating distressed companies.

Armed with an LLB from the University of Lagos and an LLM in business law from the University of Liverpool where she graduated with merits, she has harnessed an abundance of practical experience honed through her tenure at leading commercial law firms. This experience enriches the depth of her contributions as she serves on boards and offers advisory services to emerging corporates, families & individuals.

She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and has experience in commercial arbitration and mediation. She has served as both counsel and registrar in arbitration proceedings.

Olufunke is on a mission to safeguard legacies, drive wealth growth, and elevate prosperity across Africa. With a deep-seated passion for the success of African family businesses, she leads transformative conversations around business succession, family legacies, and the vital role these enterprises play in shaping the continent’s economic landscape.

Olufunke is dedicated to building a vibrant network of next-generation family business owners and managers with ‘The Family Business Network Africa’, nurturing a community of innovation, collaboration, and shared success.

Recognising the immense contribution of family businesses to Africa’s GDP and economic growth, Olufunke is committed to driving sustainable development and prosperity across the continent. Her vision is to create a legacy of resilience, excellence, and prosperity that resonates for generations to come.