• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Obi James, founder & CEO, Obi James Consultancy


Obi James is a Finnish-Nigerian leadership, workplace relationship and inclusion coach, speaker and facilitator. She specialises in creating inclusive cultures of shared leadership and empowered relationships where every individual can thrive.

Her expertise in developing strong feedback and coaching cultures, nurturing inclusive leadership development, and fostering harmonious relationships stems from a track record as a trusted adviser and executive coach across diverse commercial environments.

With a wealth of experience in developing top C-suite executives and senior leadership teams in leading global private and public sector companies and organisations such as Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, National Grid, Farfetch, the NHS, Greater London Authority (GLA), London Business School (LBS) and the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, Obi’s programmes are recognised for their ability to catalyse transformational systemic change by developing organisations to effectively harness diversity and maximise their potential.

Sought-after globally, Obi has spoken on inclusive leadership at global forums such as the World Cities Culture Forum Summit, Senior Women’s Forums, Black Women in HR Conference, Gender Champions Forum, Africa CEO Forum and Global Finance Transformation Summit.

Obi’s expertise, insights and strategies for fostering inclusive cultures have resonated with diverse audiences and earned her numerous accolades, including global awards for her outstanding work on inclusive leadership. She has been recognised for her ability to facilitate relationships between boards, top leadership teams and often-marginalised employee network groups, bridging divides and creating environments that value and harness diverse perspectives.

In addition to her speaking engagements and consulting work, Obi has served as a judge for renowned events such as the Africa CEO Forum, Startup Awards, Business Book Awards, and Speaker Awards. Through these roles, she ensures representation, recognising and celebrating the achievements of emerging talent and visionary leaders across diverse industries.

Obi’s impact extends beyond the stage, conferences and boardrooms. Her #1 Amazon Bestseller book, ‘Let Go Leadership: How Inclusive Leaders Share Power to Drive High Performance,’ has garnered critical acclaim. In the book, she emphasises that leadership is not merely about wielding power, but it is fundamentally about making choices.

Obi James is a trustee and ExCo member of Royal African Society, an organisation that amplifies African voices and interests in academia, business, politics, the arts and education. With a strong commitment to the Society’s mission, she contributes to strategic decision-making, governance, and advocacy efforts aimed at highlighting the richness and diversity of Africa. Drawing upon her extensive background in leadership and cultural diplomacy, she works collaboratively with fellow trustees to support initiatives that promote African arts, literature, and social issues.