• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Lola Mariam Alli, Co-Founder, Alpine Care Group

Lola Mariam Alli, Co-Founder, Alpine Care Group

Lola Mariam Alli is an experienced healthcare leader skilled in strategy, growth and demystifying the complexity of healthcare systems and operations to create value for stakeholders. She has a proven track record navigating the changing industry dynamics. Lola has a strong network with clinicians across the country and the diaspora, and she is looking forward to further contributing to the transforming healthcare landscape in Nigeria and Africa at-large, to deliver better outcomes through people, technology and innovation, and strategic partnerships.

As a healthcare entrepreneur and co-founder of Alpine Care Group, the company comprises of:

*Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Centre (LECC). LECC is a leading heart, vascular, and thoracic centre of excellence that has served over 20,000 patients with branches in Lagos and Kano. LECC is one of Nigeria’s leading chronic disease management providers that is committed to the prevention and management of clinical cases such as hypertensive heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and so on, since they launched in 2017. They currently partner with leading local and international managed health providers such as Bupa and AxaMansard Health, as well as leading local and international financial institutions and oil and gas companies.

*Chiron Hospital: ICU & Surgical Centre. This is a pioneer in public-private hospital collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria in intensive care and surgical hospital management, located in Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria, providing affordable critical care and surgical services to the low-middle-income class. They stand as one of the largest and most advanced ICU centres in the state.

*Alpine Care Energy. They are providers of sustainable and green energy solutions to public and private healthcare providers.

Others are Cline Health Ambulance and Apline Pharmaceuticals.

Lola says operating on the clear principle of inspiring and securing equitable and timely access to healthcare as a fundamental human need is important. To this end, she aims to contribute towards the transformation of healthcare delivery across Africa.

“I am highly driven, collaborative, and impact-oriented, with over 7 years of experience providing technical assistance and advisory services to international organisations and governments, my mission is to help improve governance in African countries by supporting healthcare policy-making that is responsive to the needs of citizens and informed by evidence.” She said.

Currently, Mariam Alli is leading the charge as the Founder and CEO of Kairoi, a pioneering company dedicated to leveraging technology and data to transform the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA). Their focus is on developing innovative solutions designed for the unique operations of the NHIA with the aim to optimise cost management while streamlining end-to-end workflows.