• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Joy Ogiator, Founder, The Juli Education Foundation


Joy Ogiator is a seasoned project manager with over 6 years of experience. She’s the founder of The Juli Education Foundation, a non-governmental organisation focused on empowering the Nigerian teen and youth with skills and resources required to develop and compete favourably in an evolving technology driven global community. Her foundation has reached 5 countries, awarded over 300 scholarships, and through 28 uniquely designed projects have reached about 25 schools.

With a challenging education system, booming youth population, rising rate of unemployment and underemployment, global rate of technological advancement, and critical need for the country to empower its youth population, the foundation’s goal is to empower teens, especially disadvantaged teens, with skills and resources that can shape them positively, develop and equip to become valuable resources to society and the country’s development.

Joy is a co-founder of the Abuja Food Bank Initiative. An incorporated trustee based in Abuja, Nigeria, whose main cause is to eradicate food poverty. With several collaborations with philanthropic individuals and organisations, the initiative, under the resilient Joy Ogiator has been able to feed over 500 families within 15 communities and counting.

Her wealth of experience as project manager has set her up for national recognition and as such, been granted awards for excellence and sheer service to humanity. She is a former beauty queen who spent her reign handling several nonprofit organisational projects.

Through her experience working in various projects across the country, she recognised the invaluable resource and capability of young people in various communities but constantly hindered by lack of access to financial resources required to boost their capabilities.

Joy recognised the current and potential consequences it poses for the country in being unable to fully harness the resourcefulness of its teens and youth in general, and the fact that early investment is key in developing this huge wealth of resource and putting them on the right path.

With personal funds and generous contributions from friends and family, she undertook various teen empowerment projects eventually leading up to the establishment of the foundation together with other passionate youth like herself.

She strongly believes that the key to a better future for Nigeria lies with equipping its teens early with skills and resources to enable them take advantage of the opportunities and resources available in developing themselves, their ideas, future and contributing meaningfully to society.

A graduate of Economics from Veritas University, Joy is committed to providing the spark required to ignite the Nigerian teen of today and the future.