• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Funmi Ogbue – CEO Zigma Limited


Funmi Ogbue is the CEO of Zigma Limited, an independent indigenous energy company in Nigeria.

She spends 50% of her time in the energy sector working as CEO of Zigma, which provides EPC services to the Nigerian oil industry, which is headquartered in Lagos with offices in Port Harcourt and Abuja.

Funmi is also principal consultant of Jake Riley, a consulting firm which she founded in 2008. She is President at Energy Network and Founder of ‘Support our Troops Foundation’. She lives a busy and fulfilled life with only two things she says are left to do, work for the United Nations in NYC and get a PhD.

As principal partner, she understands that directly engaging with relevant consumers is a challenge faced by every business and building these relationships takes time. Therefore, at Jake Riley, they have unique relationships with CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and philanthropists, enabling them to reach key decision makers and target respected influencers. They help you solve business problems and shape your world.

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Jake Riley is on a mission to champion industrialisation across and beyond Africa, specialising in project delivery and people development to achieve this ambitious goal. Collaborating with partners worldwide, they provide services in consultancy, construction, engineering, technology and training. Their experts bring a wide range of knowledge to each and every project, to ensure the delivery of professional, top-quality outcomes and ultimately drive global industrialisation.

Funmi Ogbue is also the President/Co-Founder of Women In Energy Network (WIEN). WIEN is an association established in 2020 to provide a platform for women that work across the energy industry value chain, to network and build confidence and links to progress their careers or businesses.

WIEN is an association that facilitates greater success through gender diversity, equity, and inclusion. The combined professional experience and global network of their founding members enable them to advocate for change and educate to advance women and entrepreneurs at various levels in the energy supply chain.

A WIEN woman uplifts other women, helps drive organisational performance, accelerates profitability, and is committed to the advancement of the energy sector for national development.

WIEN is an umbrella body to enable collaborations across all the women’s networks in the energy industry, creating a platform for women to network and develop their core skills and capabilities.

They also actively promote the interest of the girl child in STEM and offer coaching and mentoring opportunities for women in the industry.
They are the advocacy voice supporting women’s participation and engagement in various sectors of the energy industry, ensuring women have the requisite capabilities to support entrepreneurial ventures.