Florence Atunwa Olumodim: Evolving with the digital age

Florence Atunwa Olumodim is a Marketing Communications  consultant;  image  and personal branding consultant, digital marketing strategist, speaker and trainer who love to find ways to leverage on the digital space across business processes  and  marketing,  while  extending brand presence online.

Fondly known as the #ContentNinja! She is the Program Director in Nigeria for Digify Africa. She  has over 20  years’  experience  in  integrated marketing communications, brand management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and project management, across various industries – specifically  FMCG,  banking  and  Information  & Communications Technology (ICT).

Florence has worked with various audiences including youth, women, SMEs, schools, government parastatals, and international institutions to mention a few, working  primarily on  projects  that  build brands plus have social impact and relevance.

 In the last 8 years, she has worked actively on projects in ICT, youth empowerment, knowledge transfer and branding of businesses of all sizes. How do you describe yourself?

I am a marketing communications professional,  a certified  digital  marketer,  a business consultant, coach and facilitator. I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs, women and young career professionals build their business and personal brands and grow profitable businesses.

Career trajectory I’ve got  over 24 years background in marketing communications, leadership, image management, branding, project management,  strategic  planning,  business development  to  name  a  few.

I  particularly help women entrepreneurs with their marketing communications, business, and personal  branding. Besides  being  a marketing communications consultant and founder of Life Developers Network (LDN) in Lagos, I have also been the program director in Nigeria for a South Africa based not-for-profit, Digify Africa.

 You are engaged in various empowerment and skill acquisition programs for youths, what inspired this passion?

I  have worked for years in fully commercial  organisations  and I  am  now  driven  by working  with  impact-driven  projects  by social impact organisations. I am driven by my desire to make a difference and my passion inspires excellence.

Challenges The toughest aspects of my work now is creating awareness and looking for sources of funding and partnerships for initiatives I work on.

How are you trying to meet your objectives to help youths become better in the society?

In my current role as Program Director in Nigeria for Digify Africa, my biggest challenge is  scaling up  on  the project so that  the  impact  can  be  even  more  widespread.

The DigifyPro Project supported by Facebook is a very specialized initiative that is an intensive digital skill bootcamp that  runs full-time over  8 weeks.   By  virtue of the type of project it is, we are unable to admit too many graduates per cohort.

What would you say is fulfillment for you in the next five years?

In  the  next  five  years,  I  would  like  to look back having impacted thousands of Nigerian graduates with re-skilling, with digital skills and having established as many as possible of them in new careers in top organisations across the  nation.

I  also look  forward  to  scaling  up  the  numbers of people who go through our programs and finally,  I would like to have been able to start a digital skill and introduction to coding initiative for secondary school students, coaching them young.

Reason for career path T he fourth industrial revolution changes the way we live and work due to the adoption of technology in every aspect of our livelihoods.

My journey into the digital world was deliberate and inevitable. I have always been tech savvy but I also knew that with the world fast becoming a global village and the advent of the-internet-of-things, it was important to get certifications and update my skills to be relevant for the 4th revolution.

 Final words

I’d like to appeal to the private sector and government to partner with not-for-profits doing laudable social impact based initiatives to help scale up the total number of people benefiting from initiatives implemented for the people.

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