• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Feyisola Abiru – MD, H&Y Furniture Manufacturers


Feyisola Abiru is an accomplished and visionary business leader with over 26 years of experience in the Nigerian furniture industry. Her unwavering commitment to transforming living and work spaces has been the driving force behind her establishment of H&Y Furniture Manufacturers (formerly Home & You Limited).

Under Feyisola’s leadership, H&Y Furniture has emerged as a leading player in furniture manufacturing with a state-of-the-art manufacturing factory located in Ikorodu, Lagos State, the company delivers exceptional quality and craftsmanship to its diverse clientele.

Abiru’s influence extends beyond her role at H&Y Furniture. She actively participates in various prestigious business organisations, including the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), the Nigeria British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the NECA’s Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW), and the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN) Nigeria.

As an engaged member of these esteemed associations, Feyisola collaborates with industry peers, shares expertise, and contributes to the growth and development of the Nigerian business landscape. Her extensive network and deep-rooted industry knowledge makes her a sought-after thought leader in the field.

H&Y Furniture manufacturers, with over 26 years in existence, is a leader in the furniture manufacturing industry, renowned for its exceptional commitment to enhancing lifestyles and transforming spaces. With a comprehensive range of services, they specialise in the design, production, and installation of modular furniture for diverse environments, including hospitality, education, residential and workspaces.

Since their establishment in 1997, H&Y Furniture has experienced remarkable growth and evolution. Today, they boast of a cutting-edge in-house furniture factory equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, supported by a team of highly skilled professionals who share their unwavering pursuit of excellence. However, what truly sets them apart from their competitors is the unparalleled satisfaction of their valued clients. Their mission centers on delivering innovative, aesthetically appealing solutions that enhance spaces while upholding the principles of durability, functionality, and affordability.

There is more to Feyisola, and it is her passion for family. She believes that family is the foundation of our lives, providing us all with love, support, and a sense of belonging. For her, in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, it is crucial to recognise the significance of prioritising family amidst our professional pursuits.

”For me, this understanding became the driving force behind establishing my own business, allowing me to raise my children with care and be actively present in their lives.” She said.

Abiru believes that setting up the business for work-life integration, leveraging support systems, giving time and building relationships are essential. “Remember, family comes first, and by nurturing those precious relationships, we build a foundation of love and support that propels us to succeed both personally and professionally.” She stated.