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Dora Nkem Akunyili (July 14, 1954 – June 7, 2014), A Leading Woman indeed


Simply  aD-O-R-Able

I still can’t believe it’s not a rumour,

Somebody tell me it’s not true,

Our heroine cannot be gone,

Our protagonist won’t leave without a win.

She fought for our rights without fear of

even her life,

She stood face to face with opposition 

without trepidation,

She was devoted to her allegiance and her

 impact was significant,

She walked tall in the midst of adversities; 

her life was filled with testimonies.

See a woman diligent in her work,

She would stand before kings, nobles and

 not mere men.

Yes ! Dora stood before the high and mighty,

Ardently professing her commitment to

 positive change.

Until the lioness breathes no more, she

Continues to hold on till the very last minute,

This trait we all saw in you at the confab,

Even when they asked you, for health 

reasons, to sit down to give your speech,

You stood up and boldly declared your 

desire for a nation where social justice must reign.

I remember clearly how nervy your

husband was, years ago when you missed

 a gunshot,

I remember the interview he granted and 

how poignant he felt,

We all wondered why the life of a woman

 filled with goodness, be sought after by evil doers,

If our hearts bleed this much after your 

departure, I can only imagine how your 

family feels.


“A society grows great when old men plant 

trees whose shade they know they shall 

never sit in”

This was the Greek proverb you said during 

your speech at the confab.

You have planted trees that will endure a

 life time but we wish you stayed longer to 

share the shade with us,

Guiding us aright and preparing us for a 

greater and better tomorrow.

Can I ever get a DORAquine to heal my hurt?

A DORAcetamol to suit my pain?

A DORAprofine to calm my nerves?

A DORAcotizone to kill my allergies?…….Can I?

Many people pass through this life and

 leave without impact,

We do not remember them so they do not

 have their footprints in the sands of time,

Like Chidogo your daughter said, “You 

touched so many lives and that is a blessing

 that must not be taken lightly”

I concur and add that we must live for the 

ethics and patriotism you stood for.

‘Womanity’ celebrates you, the nation 

applauds you,

You may be absent physically but you will 

always be on our minds.

Oh death, this sting stinks badly yet we rejoice 

she is in a safer place resting in the bosom of 

her Maker.

You are different things to a lot of people,

But to me you are and always will remain an

 outstanding success and a delight of 

many generations,

Farewell daughter of Zion, farewell soldier of 

the masses, farewell voice of the voiceless,

You are SIMPLY a-D-O-R-A-ble!