• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Aderonke Ajose-Adeyemi: Founder/CEO Lasode Inc.


Aderonke’s life’s work is building infrastructure to enable trade and commerce across Africa.

Today, she sits as the founder of Losode. She spent over two decades working in the global tech space across EMEA, LATAM and the United States on multi-million and multi-billion-dollar programmes impacting multinationals and the world at large.

Losode’s focus is to alleviate poverty. Their mission is centred on empowering entrepreneurs, smashing existing trade borders, solutionising in the industries they operate in and doing big business boldly and courageously.

Trade is critical for the economic development of Africa particularly in reducing unemployment levels among women and youth, therefore, Aderonke is determined that generations to come do not have to subscribe to ‘unethical’ means for survival.

Losode is a technology company, its vision is ‘to build infrastructure that enables trade and commerce’. Their start point is fashion, and their region of focus is Africa with a view to move into other emerging markets.

Aderonke founded Losode in 2012, it was a side project for many years until 2019 when she took on the CEO role full time.

Lasode supports entrepreneurs, giving their businesses a platform for scale, visibility and a larger audience as they make an impact to Africa globally. In simple words, Lasode actively grows the businesses of millions of entrepreneurs.

The technology eco-system at large is male-dominated, but Aderonke carries a strong female message. In many parts of Africa, strict gender norms prevail, nevertheless, Aderonke passionately mentors her team but also women in general, helping them thrive in sectors in which they are more active, as this is an important step towards softening this situation.

With bold plans and ideas, a passion for transformation and bleeding age technology solutions, Aderonke and her team stand at the forefront of driving transformation across the e-commerce industry in Africa. They believe in structure, processes and their people. They actively visualise an Africa where entrepreneurs are empowered as they are able to connect with global audiences and new markets. The lack of physical infrastructure effortlessly prevalent in the region makes its own case for the need for technological infrastructure.

Aderonke is highly skilled in leading and mobilising teams. At her core, she believes in execution and associated results. She is a confident communicator who believes in disruption and building for posterity, contributing to large organisations for impact and taking excellence to heart. “I have a highly developed ‘un-impossibilty’ quotient. Essentially, I love challenges, if it is not near impossible count me out.” She says.