Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro – Founder/CEO, MitiMeth

Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro is a Computer Scientist turned Social Entrepreneur. She is the Founder/CEO of MitiMeth, an award-winning social enterprise transforming waste and building livelihoods through the transformation of invasive aquatic weeds and agricultural residues.

To date, MitiMeth has trained over 600 women from communities across Nigeria and Ghana to make eco-friendly home decorations and lifestyle products from these natural fibres.

Achenyo is passionate about creating sustainable textiles and decorative home accessories from renewable natural fibre materials and working with designers to push these into the mainstream.

She has a strong results orientation and ‘no can do’ resolve. She is a detail oriented and motivated self-starter who strives for flawless execution of tasks, and has a demonstrated track record for providing results.

As a team player, she has the ability to work productively and maintain effective relationships in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. Over the years, she has cultivated a culture of information and knowledge sharing amongst her team members.

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Idachaba-Obaro is a member of Meaningful Business. The Meaningful Business membership network is a global community of leaders who are combining profit and purpose to help achieve the United Nations Global Goals. They are championing the co-existence of people, purpose and planet, alongside profit.

The prevalence of water hyacinth in Nigeria and the havoc it was wreaking in several communities presented an opportunity for her to come up with a win-win solution that would have the buy-in of the communities affected by the weak infestation problems. “The solution, harvesting water hyacinth and transforming the weeds into lifestyle products, can be marketed both locally and globally.” She said.

As a problem solver, shown through her services at MitiMeth, she possesses the ability to effectively evaluate problems and work towards practical solutions.

Achenyo is a change maker solving one of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges, and leading changes in business processes and communication efforts.

She is a Public Speaker with a demonstrated track record presenting to various target audiences. She has been featured on BBC, Deutsche Welle TV, CNBC Africa and CNN’s African Start-Up. Her TED Talk has 1.8million views and her work has been featured in several publications including a 2018 UN Environment Programme publication on ‘Exploring the Potential for Adopting Alternative Materials to reduce Marine Plastic Litter’ amongst others.

She has a Master Of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration and Management, General, from Cornell Johnson Graduate School Of Management, an MSc in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University and a BSc in Computer Science from Obafemi Awolowo University.

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