• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Medic West Africa drove $46.8m value to healthcare in 11yrs – director

Medic West Africa drove $46.8m value to healthcare in 11yrs – director

As Africa embraces advancements from the fourth industrial revolution, Medic West Africa, the region’s leading healthcare trade event, connects key players to explore innovations shaping the future of healthcare and improve patient outcomes. It has driven about $46.8 million in value to the sector in the last 11 years. In this interview, Tom Coleman, of Informa Markets, discusses the initiative’s impact and plans for the 11th edition this year. Temitayo Ayetoto-Oladehinde, BusinessDay’s Senior Health Editor, brings the excerpts.

Medic West Africa is back for 2024! Beyond the exciting return, what fresh features and experiences await attendees? How will this year truly set itself apart from previous editions?

With a rich legacy of 11 years, Medic West Africa has remained a cornerstone for the West African healthcare industry, and for 2024, we have designed an even more enriching experience for attendees. One key highlight is the increased focus on fostering meaningful connections. Medic West Africa has always been a platform for networking, but this year, we are investing more in implementing dedicated spaces and events to facilitate those interactions. This will allow attendees to connect with specific individuals who can truly amplify their impact in the region.

Secondly, we are excited to showcase the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology. The exhibition floor will be packed with leading manufacturers showcasing the latest innovations, from cutting-edge diagnostics to groundbreaking surgical tools. We will also be hosting a series of educational sessions led by renowned experts, providing attendees with deep dives into the most promising advancements. In essence, Medic West Africa 2024 continues to go beyond simply showcasing products. We are building a platform for knowledge sharing, relationship building, and the exploration of groundbreaking ideas. This holistic approach sets us apart and ensures a truly valuable experience for all participants.

Q: “Healthcare IT systems and solutions will feature cutting-edge telemedicine platforms and remote patient monitoring technologies, which will bridge geographical gaps and allow specialists to reach underserved communities and deliver critical care.”

Can you tell us exactly how the event has driven growth and put better healthcare solutions in the hands of the region?

Medic West Africa has demonstrably played a key role in propelling West Africa’s healthcare sector forward. By bringing together over 6,000 healthcare professionals, government leaders, and industry innovators, we are fostering a unique environment for collaboration and knowledge exchange. This exchange directly translates to necessary benefits for the region, from economically to educationally.

The event has served as a vital platform for facilitating business deals. In the 2023 edition alone, it generated a staggering $46.8 million in business value from deals facilitated on the show’s floor. This directly translated into tangible advancements—the acquisition of new medical technologies, investments in infrastructure development, and the creation of new jobs within the healthcare sector. The conferences also tackle critical issues in healthcare leadership and management, addressing challenges faced by both public and private healthcare institutions.

With the 4th industrial revolution transforming healthcare, what mind-blowing tech and advancements will be on display at Medic West Africa, and how will they reshape how West Africa delivers care?

This year’s event promises to be a showcase of the most transformative advancements revolutionising healthcare delivery across West Africa. We have assembled leading companies from eight key product categories, ensuring a comprehensive view of the latest innovations. These categories are medical equipment and devices, healthcare and general services, disposables and consumers, orthopaedic goods and physiotherapy, imaging and diagnostics, IT systems and solutions, healthcare infrastructure and assets, and wellness and prevention.

In the field of medical equipment and devices, expect to see groundbreaking tools for minimally invasive surgery and AI-powered diagnostics. These advancements hold immense potential for improved patient outcomes and faster recovery times. Healthcare IT systems and solutions will feature cutting-edge telemedicine platforms and remote patient monitoring technologies, which will bridge geographical gaps and allow specialists to reach underserved communities and deliver critical care.

These are just a few examples. Medic West Africa will offer a unique platform for healthcare professionals to explore these groundbreaking advancements and see how they can be implemented to improve healthcare delivery throughout West Africa.

From a stakeholder’s perspective, how will Medic West Africa 2024 provide a valuable platform for forging meaningful partnerships and collaborations within the West African healthcare sector?

From a stakeholder’s perspective, Medic West Africa presents a unique opportunity to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations that can significantly impact the West African healthcare sector. The event acts as a central hub, bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders under one roof. This concentrated environment fosters meaningful connections that can spark collaborative efforts.

For instance, a medical device manufacturer might connect with a government representative, paving the way for the introduction of their life-saving technology into public healthcare facilities. Similarly, healthcare professionals can network with each other, sharing best practices and potentially forming research partnerships to address regional health challenges. Medic West Africa 2024 will not just showcase the latest advancements; it will also provide the necessary platform for these advancements to translate into tangible improvements for West African healthcare.

Beyond West Africa, how does Medic West Africa play a role in connecting the region to the broader global healthcare conversation and fostering international collaboration in healthcare advancement?

Medic West Africa serves as a critical bridge connecting the region to the wider international healthcare discussion and fostering international collaboration in healthcare progress. We accomplish this in two key ways. First, by attracting a global audience of exhibitors and specialists to our platform. Leading international medical companies, research institutions, and healthcare organisations are drawn to Medic West Africa as a platform to showcase their innovations and developments to the rapidly growing West African healthcare market.

Secondly, Medic West Africa actively fosters dialogue between local and international healthcare players. The event brings together healthcare professionals from West Africa with their international counterparts, allowing for crucial peer-to-peer learning, collaboration on projects, and the sharing of valuable experiences that can propel healthcare progress throughout the region. By connecting these two groups, we aim to bridge the gap in knowledge and resources, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for the people of West Africa.

What are Informa’s plans for ensuring Medic West Africa’s continued growth and relevance within the evolving healthcare environment in the coming years? How will the event maintain its impact in a rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem?

At Informa Markets, we understand the dynamic nature of the healthcare landscape in West Africa. To ensure Medic West Africa’s continued growth and relevance, we are implementing a multifaceted strategy. Firstly, each year, we make use of data from previous events and other exhibitions organised by Informa Markets, as well as industry trends, to ensure we are addressing the pressing needs of the West African health sector market.

Secondly, we curate a highly targeted exhibitor pool, ensuring the presence of leading healthcare and technology companies alongside other established sector players. This fosters a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements for healthcare professionals.

Finally, we are leveraging technology to enhance the experience for both attendees and exhibitors. Through these efforts, Medic West Africa will remain the premier platform for the West African healthcare community, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange and ultimately improving patient care in the region.